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Plug-ins and Additional Products available for Rapid Classified v3.2, v3.2c, v3.3 and  v4.0
How To Download?

To download most of the additional plug-ins listed below please logon to premium download page. The logon credentials and a link to premium download page were e-mailed to you during registration. If you lost this information, please request it by sending your 2CO (PayPal) purchase ID, Email address or full name used during license purchase.

Note: Some of the plug-ins listed below are pre-installed in latest Rapid Classified v3.2c, v3.3 and v4.0

Free Plug-in - Free Plug-in
Premium Plug-in (purchase required) - Premium Plug-in

Alternative Category Selector for v3.3 Free Plug-in


Alternative Category Selector is an alternative selector built to speedup category selection process and improves customer experience for posting ads. Ajax based selector is much faster and constructed with 3 separate columns for each category level. It also allows to optionally configure a 3-rd level category selection as mandatory (if 3-rd level category available). HTML list element is used as oppose to traditional drop-down boxes to make styling more flexible.

Download is available at premium download page.

Required Fields Plug-in for v3.3 Free Plug-in


Required Fields Plug-in is intended to make any optional field a mandatory field and force a client to enter some value.

  • Make mandatory any one of 7 user optional fields and 20 ad optional fields.

  • Configure any optional text field for minimum and maximum number of entered characters.

  • Specify any optional text field width at the page.

  • Enable “force number” for any optional text field.

  • Apply “Regular expression” pattern to request from a client a uniform field input (for developers or web enthusiasts mostly, as requires at least some basic understanding of “Regular Expressions”).

  • Add an information note for any optional text field at registration and ad post forms.

  • Option to make user information mandatory on ad post page.

  • JavaScript pop-ups for errors are eliminated.

demoRegistration form DEMO
Download is available at premium download page.

Custom Development Pack for v3.2c, v3.3, v4.0 Premium Plug-in (purchase required)

custom development pack

Note: This plug-in primarily intended for developers audience and requires solid HTML and CSS skills. ASP code understanding is not required but would be helpful.

Custom Development Pack
- contains number of replacement pages mostly for ads and categories presentation at Rapid Classified. The difference between existed classified pages and replacement pages in this pack, is a method of content rendering. All replacement pages display content based on HTML templates with integrated custom text variables.

Price: $79


 Following pages (and respective HTML templates) included:
  • All Ads List Pages (including search pages - list of search query)
  • Full Ad View Page (alternative version)
  • Top Content Pages (for main page center)
  • Category Browse Pages
  • Bonus - 2 level Category Menu.
Custom Templates based on "bare bones" add-on for v3.2c, v3.3, v4.0 Free Plug-in

custom templates

The main advantage of custom templates is, that they are built with simplified header/footer content enclosure ("bare bones" add-on to RC v3.2c, v3.3) and pure css. Which in turn, makes possible to easily integrate application into practically any existed web site or a 3-d party HTML template.

Custom templates provided on "AS IS" basis and have limited support. Changes to content structure (not the content itself) such as site width, portal width and location, menu blocks structure, etc would require solid CSS skills.

Go to demo and download page  custom template page

Ads Import Tools Premium Plug-in (purchase required)

ads inport

Ads Import Tools is a plug-in to Rapid Classified v3.2 / v3.2c  / v3.3 / v4.0, which allows a bulk ads (or ads+user accounts) upload into database from a manually created list.

There are 2 methods of importing data:

Ads Import - Tool allows to import ads bound to one selected client account.
Ads Import Plus
- Tool allows to import ads and create respective client account for each ad on the fly.

 Client Requirements (or a person who would be entering ads data into an Excel Spreadsheet)

  • PC desktop (Windows 2000/XP) with MS Office application installed (or at list MS Excel)
  • Optionally Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) extension to MS office is desired
  • User account at Rapid Classified
 RC Site Administrator Requirements

  • Functional Rapid Classified v3.2 , v3.2c, v3.3, v4.0 installation with admin access
  • PC desktop (Windows 2000/XP) with MS Office application installed (or at list Excel and  Access)
  • Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) v2.5 or higher at the desktop (it's installed with OS)
  • A proficiency with MS Office applications specifically with Excel and Access
  • A complete understanding of delimited data structure
  • Good HTML skills and understanding of the HTML code
  • Some ASP skills is a big +
 How to Obtain
Download a Demo package by logging to premium download page Plug-in Premium Plug-in (purchase required)

plug-in allows accepting credit card and electronic check payments for ads placement at Rapid Classified via popular gateway. Plug-in may be configured to utilize both AIM (Advanced Integration Method) and SIM (Simple Integration Method) methods available at Support for v3.2, 3.2c, 3.3, 4.0

Requires an account at:
SLL certificate is desired.
Note: No CC numbers are stored within RC database.

Options + Advanced Search Upgrade Free Plug-in
included in v3.2

Options + Advanced Search Upgrade offers new types of options and respective upgrade for advanced search page + AJAX enabled search version.

 Options features

  • Pull Live option type - builds options list from ads data.
  • Multiple option type - builds check boxes as options.
  • Advanced sorting options
  • Drop-down to List box converter.
 Advanced Search Features

  • Drill-down relevancy (between selected category and options with Pull Live enabled).
  • Subcategories and 3-rd level categories are available for search (aside from tree view).
  • New features for Categories list: ads number display, hide empty categories, sort categories list (by name, custom, number of ads posted), hide/display extended categories list.
  • Single advanced search page provides support for improved Radius Search of any type (currently for USA and UK only but may be extended to any other country if you acquire respective geo database).
  • Show nearest ads first feature for Radius Search.
  • Search page configurations moved to Options Builder page.
  • Sorting options for search results list.
 Advanced Search Features (additional for AJAX version)

  • Preliminary search query baring expected number of ads in search result for the selected options without leaving search options page.
  • Seamless options loader for the respective category (when category changed from the list)

Download is available at premium download page.

Ads Cache Light Free Plug-in
included in v3.2

New Ads Caching
is more advanced, faster and could be more effective when it comes to SEO.

Features overview:
  • Fast ads caching (over 20 times faster than the existed method).
  • Cache page created from "light" HTML template.
  • Separate storage for each main category.
  • Option to include ad subject into cached page name for SEO.
  • Improved cache list paging.

Download  is available at premium download page.

Design Templates Pack Free Plug-in
included in v3.2

template pack

Templates Pack
includes 20 xl type skin templates for Rapid Classified v3.2. Package also contains a demonstration main page template, which may be used as a base for creating a custom default/entry page for your site.

Package includes a few templates with background images generated on-line with OGIM engine. The “Reference” for each background image used in those templates is provided so that you may edit each image online.

Download  is available at premium download page.

Relative Content Links Plug-in Free Plug-in
included in v3.2

relative content

Content Display - Flexible and powerful content linking plug-in. Create templates on the fly, fill with any content and link to dynamic classified pages such as full ads view, ads list view, search and other (6 pages overall). Linking logic is based on category (at any level).

Ads Display add-on allows to display relative to category ads from a single template on dynamic, category dependent page it was linked to.

Default Ads Description - says it all (works when WYSIWYG is enabled). Create a template, link based on categories and have a default description content for clients when they post ads.

Download  by logging to premium download page

UK Postcode Radius Search + distance calculator Free Plug-in
included in v3.2

The default RC v3.2 package contains a Zip Code proximity search plug-in for USA based classified. If your classified is UK based, then this plug-in is for you. The geo map (postcode to latitude/longitude) database contains over 2800 records of UK postcodes allowing to calculate a distance and perform a proximity ads search based on a supplied postcode.

Note: The postcode supplied within the ad must be in postal area+district format (outward code). The +sector+unit is not supported. All distances calculated based on a metric system (kilometers).

-Download  by logging to premium download page


.NET Image Resizer Plug-in for v3.1/3.2 Free Plug-in
included in v3.2

If your hosting does not feature ASPJpeg component, then by default attached to the ad images are not resized. Given that web site is ASP.NET v2.0 enabled, current plug-in would allow automated image resizing and placing a watermark over image without ASPJpeg component.


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