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Rapid Classified FAQ
I. Setup
  • How easy it is to install Rapid Classified?
  • How do I upgrade Rapid Classified?
  • What are the Web Server requirements for Rapid Classified Installation
  • What are Rapid Classified management requiements?
  • Can I run Rapid Classified On a Linux Apache Web Server which supports ASP?
  • Where can I find a Host which, is 100% compatible with Rapid Classified?
  • I cannot run Setup on my home server. The page stays blank or Error 500 displayed.
  • While running !setup.asp I received message [Write to db/banners/cl_upload Folders] FAILED.
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    You may also receive "Delete from db/banners/cl_upload Folders" FAILED. In addition, you may also receive Permission denied /libraries.asp, line 55 while maintaining classified at different pages.

    Since all warnings and errors have the same nature, follow recommendations below for solutions.

    Following folders within Rapid Classified installation require special permissions for a proper operation:

    • "db" - Access database location, banners rotator statistics
    • "cl_upload" - Uploaded image attachments location
    • "banners" - Banner Images location
    • "content" - Dynamic Content pages (v3.2/3.2c/3.3 or v3.1 Premium)
    • "css" - Style sheets location (v3.2c/v3.3/v4.0)
    • "ads" - Cached ads location (optional but recommended - used if ads caching enabled later on)
    • "img" - Images folder (v3.3/v4.0)
    • "config" - configuration folder (v3.3/v4.0)
    First - Make sure folders are actually exist within your Rapid Classified installation and properly pointed in "config/config.asp" configuration page. If you did not move any folders away from the root of your installation, then you should not worry about setting a proper path in "config/config.asp". The path is already set and properly pointed.

    Second - All above folders must have a "Write" and "Delete" security permissions (or "Modify" permission) for the successful board operation. By default (with a rare exception) ALL your website folders and files you create, assigned "Read" only permission automatically. Meaning no new files can be created/deleted on your site from within the ASP script code. However in order to upload/delete image attachment to the ad for instance, the above mentioned permissions must be set on the server so that the script routine is able to perform necessary operation (write a new image file when it is attached to the ad or delete image when ad is deleted from database). In a rare case your web space provider sets necessary permissions (Read/Write/Delete) when created your account ( for instance).

    The approach to setting permissions is different depending on whether you run Classified setup at your home server or at your provider's public server:

    • Home Server (XP, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003)

      You have to manually set security (also knows as NTFS - NT File System) permissions.
      Note: Do not confuse folder security permissions with permissions set from within IIS console for your web site.
      Security permissions are set from the folder properties window. While looking at your classified installation from "Windows Explorer" (Flag+E to start) right mouse click on the selected folder ("db" for instance) and select "Properties" from a context menu. Click on the "security" tab.

      Note: If you do not see "Security" tab, you need to disable "Use Simple File Sharing" from: Control Panel > Folder Options > View. Scroll down and remove check box next to "Use Simple File Sharing".

      While at the "security" tab select "Everyone" group and check "Allow" next to "Modify" permission. This action will automatically set "Write/Delete" permissions for the selected folder. Repeat the same for all other required folders to have those permissions.
    • Public Web Server

      Some of the hosts may allow you to set necessary permissions via "Control Panel/Web Site Management Page". This page will most certainly vary from host to host. Therefore you should consult your host or look for the documentation provided by your host for this matter. The goal is to find 8 folders ("db", "cl_upload", "banners", "content", ads", "css", "img", "config") within folders/files list and perform necessary steps to set "Write" and "Delete" permissions for folders (on some hosting servers you may need to set "Modify" permission).

      Note: The list of folders provided for v3.3/v4.0. See the setup_manual.pdf for the respective list of folders.

      If your host do not allow you to set security permissions, send a request so that the server administrator sets permissions for your.

      Note: The routine which evaluates permissions during setup is quite simple and reliable. If you or your host set permissions but you still getting the same error warning be absolutely sure that permissions are not properly set. If you set permissions for 2 folders and missed 1, you will still get the this warning.

      Example of folders permissions set at control panel. Note: "db" folder was renamed to "db_root" at this particular installation: View

      Note: It is preferred that you remove "web" permission from the "db" and "content" folders, so that folders content is not revealed when someone navigates to that folders in a browser. "web" permission may or may not be available within site Control Panel but always available in IIS Manager on web server. 
  • First Thing to do after the Setup is complete!
  • The most Important Setting within Admin Preferences!
  • Where can I find additional plug-ins and modules for Rapid Classified?
  • Can the classified be easily translated into other languages? Where do I change a text on pages?
  • Where do I change a Watermark appearing over the images after upload?
II. First Run
  • I CANNOT logon to Admin Page. What is wrong?
  • I CAN logon to Admin Page or as a User but being logged out after browsing just a few pages.
  • While posting ads by clicking [Submit..], users logged out immediately and the ad is not posted.
  • I enabled a Full Mode and both side bars display Error 500 - Page cannot be displayed.
  • I got Error: Page: config/config.asp, Error Number: -2147467259, Error Description: Unspecified error
  • Email notification is not functioning.
  • I Cannot Upload Images at All
  • I Cannot Upload Images over 200 kb
  • I'm getting [Microsoft VBScript runtime error - Permission Denied] error when run certain pages.
III. Classified Board Operations
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