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Conversion Tools
 Conversion tools v2.1 for Rapid Classified v3.2
Note: Conversion Tools for Rapid Classified v3.2c/v3.3 built into application
conversion tools conversion tools


Database backup/restore tool for Rapid Classified v3.2 running with MySQL or MSSQL database. The tool is extremely useful:

  • For occasional SQL backup (if hosting does not provide backup of SQL database (most do however))
  • When you need to move your site, which is running with MS Access database to SQL or from MySQL to MSSQL and vise versa
  • When you are planning to move the site running with SQL from one hosting server to another.
SQL database backed up to a special blank cldb.mdb MS Access database, which may be further downloaded and stored at a local computer or moved to other site for further restore to another SQL database.

Note: SQL refers to both MySQL or MSSQL
Download for v3.2 at "Premium Download Page"
(v3.2c/v3.3 comes with Conversion Tools by default)

  • October 16 2007 - Conversion Tools have been updated to reflect new tables in Affiliates Plug-in developed by Will from CoastClassies
  • May 12 2007 - Version 2.1 released. Reflects changes in database structure after Option + Advanced search upgrade installation. Backward compatible with v3.2 package enhanced by any currently released plug-ins.
  • December 13 2006 - Version 2.0 Released. Substitution for any old release previously included with main distribution package of RC v3.2.

    What's new in v2.0:
    -More robust interface, which is backward compatible with any RC v3.2 installation regardless of installed plug-ins developed prior to the Conversion Tools release date.
    -Backup/restore is now under the same page with GUI interface.
    -Password protected for more security with option to rename the main utility page for more security.
    -Direct links to conversion interface from Global Management admin page.
    -Web site Moving Guide for Rapid Classified running with MySQL/MSSQL.
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