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10/24/2014  Rapid Classified site is for sale

3/19/2011  Free Version is no longer available for distribution

Please note, free RC v3.15 is no longer available for distribution. If you currently own license "A" for RC v3.15 and would like to upgrade or download this package again, please send information such as transaction ID or email used for purchasing license "A" via support page.

3/3/2011  Rapid Classified v4.0 (Premium)

Rapid Classified v4.0
New premium version of Rapid Classified released.
More information about RC v4.0 is here

1/6/2011  Alternative Category Selector

New Category Selector is available for v3.3. Fast, Ajax based with option to make 3-rd level category mandatory.

Alternative Category Selector

1/1/2011  Required Fields Plug-in

New "Required Fields Plug-in" released for v3.3. Plug-in is intended to make any optional field a mandatory field and force a client to enter some value.

Required Fields Plug-in

Required Fields Plug-in
Registration form demo

12/15/2010  [Wonder] Custom Template for RC v3.3

New custom template developed and available for download. "Wonder" template features a new type of portal content - ads List with image and simplified box builders.

wonder template

custom template page View Custom Templates

custom template page View "Wonder" Demo

6/8/2010  Price List add-on for Credits Mode (RC v3.3)

Add-on for v3.3 to display ads submission prices (Credits Mode) to site visitors without logging in or creating an account.

More Information

3/9/2010  Credits Mode Update for RC v3.3

Update package contains replacement and new pages for RC v3.3 and called to facilitate to some degree ads posting in Credits Mode.

More Information

3/6/2010  Patch and CAPTCHA update for RC v3.3

A patch is available for v3.3. If you are running v3.3, then download and install this patch

If you are having problems with CAPTCHA at RC v3.3, then look here for information and update.

2/16/2010  Rapid Classified v3.3 (Premium)

Rapid Classified v3.3
New premium version of Rapid Classified released. Full UTF-8 support, SEO friendly URL links and more...
More information about RC v3.3 is here

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