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Rapid Online Classified Software Features
Rapid Online Classified Software v4.0 key features
  • Rapid Classified is highly customizable, attractively designed, full featured, easily operated online classified system for running free or commercial ads listing service. Open site for clients and collect payments for listings or manage your own ads and collect payments from general advertisement (banners, Google Adsense.. etc). Installed on Windows hosting with the support of the most popular types of databases - MS Access, MySQL or MSSQL.
  • Setup and Installation
    Fill SQL configuration data into configuration file (classifieds with MS Access does not even require this step) and run an automated setup script. In a matter of minutes database is built and online classified software is ready to operate. Application use an open scripts source, which means online classified scripts can be freely customized.
  • Design templates
    Application comes with over 35 css style sheet templates. Templates can be edited online (via content management) or offline. Advanced users can edit header/footer (bare bones add-on is included) to integrate classified into existed site or just change the classified appearance. Special OGIM based templates utilize background images generated in OGIM Engine. Reference for each image is provided so you can generate and save new set of images on the fly, thus changing the appearance in some cases even without css customization.
  • Administration
    Full featured administration section. 99% of site administration is done via admin tasks panel. Ads, accounts, categories, option, configuration, content management just to name a few. All is done on-line without the need to use FTP. There are few exceptions however, where some configuration must be done by editing files in editor. Extensive and searchable online admin help provides all necessary information about every aspect of site administration and maintenance.
  • Main page and user interface
    The site is contracted with header, footer, portal/side blocks and center content. "Center content" is where specific page content is actually displayed. Top (header), bottom (footer), left/right (portals/side bars) sides enclose the center content - "enclosure". The versatility of Content Management allows dynamically build the "enclosure". Rarely found in other classified applications, dynamic content builder allows display the list of new ads, editors, pick ads, hot ads, top posters, category tree or any other custom content which you may decide to display. Main center page is an entrance to your classified. This page could be conveniently customized internally with WYSIWYG in content management or in any other external editor, in which case resulted code could be pasted into the template and saved online.
  • Ads Search
    Powerful and thorough advanced search function. Allows to search for specific keywords within ad subject or description for all or specific category. But that is not all. Highly flexible option fields configuration allows to make any of them searchable. Depending on linked options builder, a text, drop-down or a check box could be used for searching options within an advanced search. Drill down routine at main category level filters ads and options right after search category is selected so clients may see the expected number of ads in the result without actually making a search.
  • SEO friendly
    Every category may have a unique title, meta keywords and description. Display pages automatically inherit ad subject as page title, keywords and description. Ads caching (html format) with optional ad name in url. Google Site Map XML builder - create a standard XML file on-line and submit it to Google. Full URL rewrite with keywords in URL.
  • Categories and Optional fields
    Variable optional fields for every category with options builder (text box, drop-down selector, check box or radio button). Each dynamic option could be made searchable and listed within ads browse pages.
  • Extensive Online Content Management
    Build new pages on the fly with Rapid online classified scripts. Create custom content (dynamic or static) and include into other pages/templates facilitating content management. Modify email and news letter templates. Display advertisement (or built-in dynamic ad content) within any part of the classified customizing portal and side bar blocks. Add new blocks on the fly.
  • Zip Code radius search
    Easily integrated with FREE add-on. Zip code search allows clients to search ads within given distance from a particular zip code (or post code). Available for USA and UK only. Other countries proximity search could be integrated if respective geo database is obtained.
  • Category import utility
    If you are planning to build a large category structure, then this utility is there to help. Imports all categories in one shot from a spreadsheet and save time entering categories info manually. Utility has .csv templates included.
  • RSS manager
    Both rss reader and feed writer is at your disposal. RSS Reader - create a feed from any valid rss file on the internet and display it at your site. RSS writer - generates a standard rss output for your Rapid Classified site ads. Display all, category specific, or user specific ads.
  • Accept payment for ads
    Two payment modes are available with 3 built-in, fully automated merchant services - 2checkout, PayPal and MoneyBookers. Credits mode - clients purchase money equivalent (credits) and spend them for posting ads. Package mode - clients purchase a package, which allows posting specified number of ads. A special guide is available for those who are willing to integrate an additional merchant service. See following article.
  • Advertisement
    Need to generate revenue from a general site advertisement? 10 zones banners rotator - rotates images, flash, javascript or HTML advertisement. Could be submitted by clients or site administrator. Zones could be included into templates in content management or directly into any page. Relative content management - create templates filled with advertisement code and link to any category or group of categories. Linked content would be displayed at the category specific pages (category browser, search, ads display.. etc).
    An advanced WYSIWYG editor used for Content Management with the option to allow posting ads in HTML format.
  • Multilingual support
    Application comes with the support for English only. However, all static text on web pages throughout the application located in special lingual pages. Which mean, if you need to translate Rapid  online classified software into other language, you only need to translate a set of variables in a few lingual pages, instead of going through over 200 pages searching and translating a text. Note: Administration pages accessible by site owner only cannot be translated with lingual pages. Running multilingual site is also possible with some limitations. See this article.
  • RC Lookup Utility
    Invaluable desktop utility for those who are willing to customize application, translate it or quickly find a lingual constant which is assigned a particulate static text on any classified page.
  • AECS
    AECS- Amazon E-commerce services package display related to the search result (or ad content) items from Make 10% or more on sale at Amazon generated from your site.
  • Ads Import tool (premium plug-in - purchased separately)
    Ads Import Tools is a plug-in, which allows a bulk ads (or ads+user accounts) upload into database from a manually created list. Full management for imported set (delete, repost, cache).

    Note: Ads Import Tools plug-in purchased separately, but comes free with Unlimited (C) License.

  • Explore listed above and other Rapid Classified application features by logging into ADMIN and USER DEMO sites.
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