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Rapid Classified v4.0 Demo
rapid classified user demo custom built demo sites rapid classified admin demo
There are number demonstration sites are available available for Rapid Classified application  v4.0 preview.
  • User Demo - fully functional web site with Rapid Classified v4.0 installation. While at the web site, you may create an account, logon and explore user side features. User demo is running in [credits] pay mode. If you used a valid email address during account registration, then the account could be verified and activated. Every new account automatically assigned 10 credits so that ads could be posted at demo. Posted ads are not typically approved and do not appear in public areas but you may view your own posted ads while logged on to the account. Administration pages are not accessible at user demo.
  • Admin Demo - non functional Rapid Classified v3.3 installation (similar to the latest v4.0). While navigating to the admin demo site, you would automatically be logged in as an administrator and can browse any admin page (or any other page for that matter). No user accounts could  be created at the admin demo site (jump to user demo for that). The installation itself is running in "read-only" mode. No settings could be saved or changed. You may view all admin areas and click submit, save, delete.. etc control buttons or links. However ads, categories, accounts, templates, ..etc would not be edited or deleted and would remain intact.
  • Custom Demo - There are number of custom templates built with "bare bones" add-on included with RC v4.0 package. Unlike built into application templates, custom templates are more flexible, when it comes to styling header and footer layers (which wrap pages content), changing overall appearance and integrating Rapid Classified into existed web sites or any 3-rd party HTML template. Custom Templates are available for download separately from RC application from. Click on "CUSTOM DEMO" for links to respective demo sites and template packages download.


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