This manual provides instructions and references for successful integration, customization and further development of Rapid Classified ads and categories list pages.

Plug-in primarily intended for developers audience and requires solid HTML and CSS skills. ASP code understanding is not required but would be helpful.

Custom Development Pack plug-in contains number of replacement pages mostly for ads and categories presentation at Rapid Classified. The difference between existed classified pages and replacement pages in this pack, is a method of content rendering. All replacement pages display content based on HTML templates with integrated custom text variables. While page is requested by a client browser, text variables within respective template replaced with ad or category data from database and resulted page is sent to the client.

Because templates do not contain any ASP coding, customization of list pages appearance is only matter or writing a valid HTML code (backed with respective css styling) and inserting designated text variables into appropriate location, where the content is expected to appear. Flexible templates configuration allows to display as much or as little ad information as needed.

Following pages (and respective HTML templates) included into development pack:

Development pack also includes replacement Content Management and CSS Management pages with code markup editor (a third party tool). Editor displays HTML, CSS and ASP code (properties, attributes, tags.. etc) painted differently - much like any desktop code editors do. New Content Management includes "Custom HTML Templates" - a new type of templates  specifically designed for ads and category content pages.