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11/30/2009    Obstacles are those frightful things… Active 4195
11/30/2009    The instinct of nearly all societies… Active 1538
11/30/2009    While we are postponing... Active 1895
11/30/2009    The secret of success is to know something… Active 1751
11/30/2009    We all agree that your theory is crazy… Active 1703
11/30/2009 It was the experience of mystery ... Active 1457
11/30/2009 There are people in the world so hungry... Active 2004
11/30/2009 Wit is educated insolence… Active 1395
11/30/2009 Any man who is under 30… Active 1735
11/30/2009 Reality is merely an illusion… Active 1392

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