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Welcome to Ads Import Demo

Ads Import Tools is a plug-in to Rapid Classified v3.2 which allows a bulk ads (or ads+user accounts) upload into database from a manually created list. This demo does allow to explore some features of Ads Import and evaluate it to some degree. It does not allow to import ads from the preset import database though. The import tools comprised of 2 key parts - Client side and Admin side.

Client side
Access to pages where clients may download data templates and get fields definition for filling data templates. Normally clients need to be logged on to their respective accounts to access client side pages. For this demo you are automatically logged on with a test account:
Admin side
Access to Import tools and Import management tools. This is where administrator is conducting data import and manages imported data online. Access to import pages is restricted to site administrator only but for this demo the restriction is lifted. There are 2 methods of importing data - Ads Import and Ads Import Plus.  
 Ads Import  - Tool allows to import ads bound to one selected client account.  
Ads Import  Plus - Tool allows to import ads and create respective client account for each ad on the fly.
Optional Demo form for your site clients

Bulk Import is a service intended for uploading of multiple items into our classified database. Bulk ads may be uploaded form a template prepared in MS Excel application (preferred) or a Tab-delimited text file.

Bulk Import is well suited if you operate a real estate website, auto dealers web site, e-commerce store.. etc. and willing to advertise your items at our classified pages. It also applicable for converting of paper ads or ads from another classified board.

The price and conditions may vary depending on a number of imported ads and duration. Please use a form below to send us an inquiry. If you already received a price quote, please create an account with us, logon to newly created account and click "Import Ads"

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