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Add-on for v3.3 to display ads submission prices (Credits Mode) to site visitors without logging in or creating an account.

Add-on page resembles ad options selector in Credits Mode. Add-on could function in 2 modes - with and without categories selector. If your classified only relies on "default" pricing scheme and no category dependent price-multiplier is configured in Category Administration, then category selector could be switched off. Otherwise, if you applied different pricing schemes to different categories/subcategories, then leave the category selector as is.

Package contains 2 pages:


To switch categories selector on/off, open prices.asp page in text editor and assign appropriate value at the top of the page:

displayCategories = True 'to turn selector on (default).
displayCategories = False 'to turn selector off.

Some text within the page may need to be amended directly in an editor.

To install, upload both pages to classified root and create an HTML link to prices.asp anywhere at the classified (main page, menu template.. etc).


Demo at Rapid Live:
In demo, different scheme (from the rest of the categories) is used for rental and real estate categories.

Best Regards,
Gurgen Alaverdian
Rapid Classified Developer

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  Display Prices in Credits Mode (v3.3)
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