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 Posted by: Will  Messages 
Costas, templates are subjective to taste.
Its the easiest thing to modify RC to produce your own style. The whole thing can be changed soley via editing the css file/s

Most RC32 users however utilize a standard RC template because they are good templates. Even though they may not be 100% of thier specific taste, I think they recognize the design ability of the Author and go with it.
So you can't penalize Gurgen because he makes good templates, that are popular, and so nearly every one uses them.
Sure, it means RC websites are obvious to the trained eye by recognizing the template, and certainly if he did make a template that was 100% to your liking in a plain would be popular with other users too.
The bottom line is, its a couple hundred dollars for a COPY of this quality website software application.
Spend a couple hundred more to hire a designer to make it your own.

(not me...i *** at graphic design :()

_____________________________ - RC Enthusiast and Developer!
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