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 Posted by: valance  Messages 
Version: 3.2c
Database: MySQL

I've had the RC software for a little while now and am currently customizing it to suit my website. So far I'm really impressed with the software - it works really well and has a lot of neat features. I have little ASP experience but I'm surprised at how easy it seems to be to customize. There's a couple areas where I need to hand it over to experts but apart from that it's pretty easy.

You have a cracking software here and easily the best classified software on the market I've tried. I've compared RC to God knows how many other classified, barter, and trade exchange type of software and it leaves the others in its wake. I hope you have plans to keep on improving it and adding new features to it.

My main two suggestions for the next version;

1. Structure the software so that it can accommodate unlimited categories and sub-category levels.
2. Develop more of the professional type templates such as the currently available Bare Bones and Glamour templates. I'm using the Bare Bones template - it's a nice and simple yet pro looking layout.

You're on to a winner with RC - but like anything else it has the potential to be so much more. As they say in my neck of the woods, 'onwards and upwards'.

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  RC - My Impressions So Far
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