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domino4458 wrote:

I went back to the logo.gif in the image folder and the image that I created is there .

The folder is "img" as opposed to "image".
In any case i would recommend non-RC images be kept in a seperate folder from RC application images, makes it easier to manage upgrades etc.

Create a folder called "images" or "myimages" at the root of your site.
Upload your logo to the folder.
Navigate to admin "email templates" and find "logo_table" template and modify the logo image code:
<a href="<%= web_site %>"><img src="<%= logo %>" align="bottom" alt="<%= web_name %>" border="0"></a>


<a href="<%= web_site %>"><img src="myimages/logo.gif" align="bottom" alt="<%= web_name %>" border="0"></a>

You may need to add/modify height and width attributes to your logo dimensions.

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