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 Posted by: abeez  Messages 

Ok Been doing my head in:
Firstly the alternative ad view page is excellent, However I began to realise only about 10 percent of my users post images, that leaves the wasted space on view images space, (And putting an image saying "No Image") to me is pointless, when Images are added obviously it fills the space, when no images are added, It leaves a wasted space of at least 300/400 px, as the No Pic image is the only thing filling the box..........

Now This being said, I am sure all users reading this will began to realise space is the essence, and that space could be filled with some meaningful content.

I have looked at the code and it has stomped me, on a way to fill this when no images are posted, I have tried all sorts.

So this all being said how can I fill this area, without the "NO IMAGE" pic and use content such as maybe a banner rotator Or any html or Javascript, can this been done?

This would actully be a good place to add a feature into RC by maybe, adding a switch to display some other info or users can input there own html......

All The Best Alan -

Here in the (UK)
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