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Archive 01.08.2004-08.02.2008::Suddenly cant read my emailtemplates::Search Forums
 Posted by: darryn  Messages 
Version: 3.1
Database: MySQL

Thats what i get for messing around. I had been using mysql and it was fine. I wanted to try msaccess so i made the change in config.asp. I did not like it so I swutched it back. Now I cant seem to "pull" my emailtemplates. I can see them from the admin and they are fine, but if I go to one of the pages, they are empty. For example, if you try there is nothing there, but if I go to the bloan template from the admin, I can see it fine. Any suggestions on where to check for my problem?
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  Suddenly cant read my emailtemplates
darryn 7/30/2008 9:56:33 AM
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