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I like to start off by telling you what an incredible Guestbook you have created. I had my own guestbook on my site for about 3 months. Once the spammers caught on to it, it was a mess. I have since shut it down and have sampled about 24 guestbooks & code in search of the best Guestbook for my site. I've compiled a list of PROs & CONs for each GB I saw, most of which had more CONs than PROs. I took all the PROs together from all the guestbooks and was going to build my own 'perfect' guestbook. But then I found your guestbook.

The guestbook that you've created is about 96% of my PRO list and by far, is the best guestbook out there, that I have seen anyway. With that said, I have only tested your guestbook locally. I'm having problems with the admin screens. To Post a reply as a moderator, or to edit someones comment does not seem to be working. From quickly looking at the code, it is as if the hidden field of "flag" is not retaining it's value of 1.

I've performed a seach in this forum and could not find any other comments on this. I'd like to have this fixed before purchasing the license. Or, does the license provide functionality of the admin screens?

Thankyou in advance,

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  Admin Screen Errors
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