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Archive 01.08.2004-08.02.2008::I can not work newads.asp::Search Forums
 Posted by: linguist2000  Messages 
Version: 3.1
Database: MS Access

I added
<!--#include file="newads.asp"--> code into Main_Page_Center but it doesn't work.
I tried to open the url it has the following error:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8'
Object required: 'objConn'

/muhsite/1/newads.asp, line 52

Please help immediately..
 Posted On: 6/28/2008 8:26:41 AM   Direct Link   
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  I can not work newads.asp
linguist2000 6/28/2008 8:26:41 AM
Nick 6/28/2008 9:11:44 AM
linguist2000 6/28/2008 10:07:45 AM
linguist2000 6/28/2008 2:09:13 PM
admin 6/28/2008 2:25:13 PM
linguist2000 6/28/2008 5:08:10 PM