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 Posted by: Nick  Messages 
Version: 3.2
Database: MSSQL
URL: n/a

We just installed 6 new racks FULL of servers in our new datacenter.

I have 2 Windows boxes and the rest Linux.

If you want some free RC hosting, I have a deal for you. There is a new product that would work VERY well for Rapid Classified website owners. It works IN CONJUNCTION with your RC site. Here's how.

You become an affiliate. You operate a web store that automatically takes products from and displays them in your store. On the side of the store, you have your niche RC site advertised. You advertise your Amazon store with banners on your RC site too.

It's the easiest way to cross-promote your RC site and monetize your domains. Seriously, I have over 50 customers right now that do both Ebay and Amazon affiliate sites and they make a KILLING, but the RC sites are the real winners because the huge traffic from the Amazon/Ebay stores drives tons of traffic to the RC site.

Here's what I'll offer. You sign up for an amazon store and promote that. I'll give you FREE hosting for 6 months, unlimited everything, for your RC site. I'll even install it for free and help you get started. All you have to do is follow this link: and sign up for a storefront and start promoting both your sites.

I'm limiting this to the first 40 RC customers.

Email me at ( if you have any questions. I've been doing RC sites for years and this is one of the best ways to cross-market and monetize (We all love $$$) there is without spending hundreds each day in Pay-per-click advertising.

Go here:
Register and pay for a store.
Send me the link to the store
Get your free RC hosting (3.1 is free, 3.2 you need to buy the RC license for.)
Profit like MAD!

If 6 months free hosting ($60-$100 worth of hosting if you were to use the other guys..) isn't enough to prove to you that cross-promoting your sites really works and earns, then nothing is!

Give it a shot.
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