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Video Tutorial guides through the process of customizing
one of the template from OGIM generated design pack plug-in for RC v3.2.

To follow the tutorial you need to have a video player capable of playing AVI files (most do) and additionally:

1. To have a properly installed Rapid Classified v3.2 web site (local IIS server installation is preferred).
2. Installed Design Templates and Supplemental OGIM Pack (Note: Both packs were recently consolidated).
3. To have an HTML or Text Editor desktop application handy.
4. Navigate to:

Note: Previous experience with CSS or HTML does not require - but would be helpful.

Download Part 1 (18 MB zipped). Length: 09:50
Download Part 2 (21 MB zipped). Length: 10:52

Best Regards,
Gurgen Alaverdian
Rapid Classified Developer

Need to customize RC Application? Navigate to:
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  Video Tutorial - Template Customization for RC v3.2
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