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 Posted by: Nick  Messages 
Version: 3.2

I'm in the final stages of testing a video service for Rapid Classifieds. This service will allow you and your customers to add video to RC ads, YouTube Style.

It's a subscription service, not a plug in. Videos are a real tough thing to host and process, and not everyone is capable of setting up the software.

I need about 20 sites to test this new service for free. I'll offer free hosting of your customer's video ads on my servers through 2007.

Just email me at ( if you are interested. There are very minor changes that need to be made to viewad.asp, in addition to any frontpage videos you wish to use.

Not sure on the pricing in 2008, but I'm thinking $2/video per month, unlimited bandwidth. That means that you can charge your customers for the video and still make loads of money. Most sites charge $10-50 for video, so you do the math. 100 videos costs you $200, but can net you anywhere between $1,000 and $5,000 a month.

The video can either embed in the classified ad, or be a link to the video. You're choice.

Email me if you're interested in doing a beta.
 Posted On: 11/17/2007 10:40:01 PM   Direct Link   
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