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The main purpose of this forum is to support Rapid Classified application when you are experiencing problems with installation, functionality, unexpected errors, need help in understanding how to configure or maintain your application. If the resource with comprehensive answer to your question is available (FAQ, admin help, setup guide, other threads at forum), you would be directed accordingly.

There is no mandatory support for any kind of customizations or modifications provided for the application. You, as a site owner, are responsible for customizing your application the way you see your site behave, function, look, and feel.

Requests for this type of support (when it comes to the ASP/HTML/JavaScript/CSS code amendments) are considered to be secondary and may or may not be answered. If there is a simple solution to your request, the solution could be posted by RC developer or anyone who might’ve done that already and are willing to share (special thanks to volunteers). Otherwise, if the solution would require a comprehensive analysis and extensive development, you might be offered a general guideline or approach to the solution, in which case you’d have to conduct the development by yourself or hire a professional to do it for you:

Please note that complains about unsolved problems with customizations are not accepted.

Best Regards,
Gurgen Alaverdian
Rapid Classified Developer

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  About support for RC customization at this forum
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