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I. Many questions are asked over and over at the forum. Before posting a message please look for an answer in General FAQ - , RC Customization FAQ and Rapid FAQ threads at this forum and do a forum search for a subject. In v3.2 Admin Help may answer most of your questions about site maintenance. Use search function within the Admin Help to look for a desired subject/keywords.

II. Reporting General Problems

When reporting a problem be as descriptive as possible. Simply saying "Something is not working.. what should I do?" is not going to help and will only delay your problem resolution. The questions I would ask in such a case would be:

-Has it ever worked?
-Have you read Manual?
-Have you read Online Admin Help?
-Have you read FAQ on this site?
-What version are you running?
-What type of database your classified is configured with?
-Have you modified the original code?
-Is your classified running on a Professional Hosting or at Home?

Based on the questions above Always provide:

- If running Classified on a public site, ALWAYS provide a URL link to your board.
- Comprehensive description of the problem, error, page, actions taken, or links/buttons clicked prior.. etc.
- Whether or not the original code was modified.
- RC Version - Important as the time was wasted in a few cases when version was not reported.
- Database Type (Access, MSSQL, MySQL).
- What Mode are you're running the board (Free, Credits, Package)?
- Have you switched Mode lately?

III. Asking for a new feature or RC script/appearance/feature modification

Feel free to ask. But in most of the cases I can only take it into consideration for the next version or not considering it at all depending on different factors.

If there is simple solution resulting in a few lines of code modification, I will always post a solution, else question might be unanswered in which case seek for help here:

IV. Language

I can answer question asked in English or Russian. I realize many of you are indeed from different countries around the world. I do not pay attention to spelling or grammar of your messages (no need to apologize for bad English). Your question will always be answered as long as I understand the idea behind it.

V. Posting URL Links

I do not restrict anyone from posting URL links (related to RC) at the forum. As an opposite, posting links is encouraged and required for quicker problem resolution. SPAM however is not appreciated and not tolerated at this forum.

VI. Spammers special: posting messages, which are NOT related to Rapid Classified application, would result in message removal and immediate account suspension.

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