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A patch for v3.2 is released. It is strongly advisable that you extract enclosed in a zip file pages and upload them to your v3.2 installation replacing the originals. Also make sure to update a backup package copy you might have stored locally.

Patch fixes the edit link presented to logged on clients, next to ads which do not belong to them. Although clients still cannot edit those ads the patch removes inappropriate links.
Other fixes allow clients browsing from AOL explorer to maintain stable sessions.

To avoid confusion within the patch, the replacement pages for Zip Search and Amazon ECS plug-ins are not enclosed.
If you have installed Zip Search plug-in, then please download the v3.2 package fresh and copy updated advsearch.asp page from Zip Search plug-in directory into your installation.
If you have installed Amazon ECS and used pages from ´┐Żintegrated solutions´┐Ż folder then please download the v3.2 package fresh and copy updated advsearch.asp, viewlist.asp and search.asp pages from the plug-in directory into your installation.

Note: The patch is cumulative. Each patch release is stored in a separate folder named by a release date. Download, unzip and read info.rtf. Apply only those patches you have not previously installed! If you have downloaded v3.2 package AFTER the patch update date, then there is no need to apply the patch - package was already updated.
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  v32 Patch (updated 02-27-07)
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