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There is a new feature in v2.2 - "Email Replies From Sender", which can be enabled via "Admin Preferences" page.

In previous versions, when users replied to ad authors, the Email was send "From" the email account specified as "Notification Outgoing Email". This is because the mail service is provided by YOUR SMTP server and in most of the cases the mail server expects to see the "From" field email address related to your account.
The actual sender Email Address was placed to the body of the email. So that when authors received a reply to their ads and wish to contact a sender, they need copy that email from body and paste it to "send to" field in their email software. But some people simply hit reply and the reply message goes to YOU ("Notification Outgoing Email") instead of the actual sender.

When you enable "Email Replies From Sender", the “From” address is populated with the address specified by a sender at “Your Email:” mandatory field on the Reply form, making your SMTP server to send the Reply “on behalf” of the sender. So that authors receive Emails, which looked like sent directly from sender.

You have to watch for this one! Some SMTP servers do not allow this for security reasons because it, simply put, is impersonation. Consult your host before enabling this feature.

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  'Send on behalf' -- Explained
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