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There is a button "Reset Server Cache" at the Admin Configurations and Preferences page. Here is what this button there for:

Most of the application dynamic settings are initially (when application started) pulled from database and stored in server memory (cache). This speeds up Board greatly. The button in simply clears the cache, forcing application to rebuild cache data from database. Normally there is no need to clear cache when configuration changes, as it's done automatically. You might want to rebuild configuration array (pressing Reset Cache button) to force Email Alerts to be sent out and trigger Ads Expiration process (normally process starts automatically every day after midnight). After pressing this button the Alerts and Expiration process will start with the first hit to the default page (you might need to restart your browser to trigger immediately).

The other use of this button is to recover from server memory corruption (this might happens on a rear occasion and normally should be taken care by Server Admin). If you cannot get to the configuration page, simply run reset.asp page (this would have the same effect as pressing "Reset Cache" button).

Finally, if you have installed 2 or more copies of the board on your web site WITHOUT changing the "strUnique" variable in config/unique.asp for each board, you might bring all of your boards down because of the cross configuration impact. To recover from this, you would need to assign a different value for "strUnique" variable in each config/unique.asp configuration file and then rebuild configuration cache by pressing "Reset Cache" button (if "Configs and Prefs" page is accessible) or run reset.asp page on each board installation (if your board is completely down).

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  What is 'Reset Server Cache' button in for?
Admin 4/28/2004 6:19:28 PM