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 Chapter - 12.1 SQL to Access (backup)

Make sure to follow First Time Configuration in chapter 12.0

Assuming that you are running classified with SQL, navigate to Global Manager admin page and click SQL-2-Access. You would be directed to the main conversion tools interface. From here, you may backup current SQL data into MS Access. Type password and click "Convert SQL to MS Access".

Note: password is the same one you use to access Content Management.

Depending on a size of the database, the conversion might take a long time. Try to run conversion tools during off pick hours and lock classified and delete current sessions from Global Manager admin page. Do not interrupt the process once it is started and wait until receive a message that the conversion complete. The SQL database at this point saved in cldb.mdb.

If you are not running "live" site, then you may verify that the conversion was successful. Switch installation to run from MS Access in config/config.asp. While navigating to the site after switching you should see no difference at classified pages. All categories, templates, ads, user accounts… etc should not be changed and be the same as if you were running classified with SQL database.

Important: Hits Log table usually has the most records and slow down the conversion process greatly. Since Hits Log records are not essential for classified operation it is not replicated with Conversion Tools.

At this point, it is recommended that you download backed up in cldb.mdb SQL database to your local PC and replace the one in db folder with blank cldb.mdb. You may leave cldb.mdb in db folder but be aware that visitors may download the content of db folder. See the very first chapter of this manual for ways to secure db folder.

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