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 Chapter - 3.0 Design and Appearance

The general design appearance of the classified can be changed with 4 preset modes or custom configured via Side Bars Content & Geometry task page.

Compact Mode - Most suited if you wish to ensure 100% compatibility with 800x600 screen resolution (Note: Some admin pages would still require higher resolution for proper viewing).

Compact Portal - Most pages (except Admin pages) are shown wrapped into the 6 portal style content columns. The content columns populated according to your preferences via Main Page Configuration.

Full Mode - All pages fill the available width of the browser window, plus advertising side bars would appear on the right and left. The side bars can be turned off from Side Bars Content & Geometry page. The recommended resolution: with side bars - 1024x768, without side bars- 800x600.

Full Portal - All pages would be displayed within a portal, plus side left and right side bars. Your client's resolution in this case should be atleast 1024x768... and up.

You can create a custom appearance - combine portal, left/right side bars, adjust overall board width and orientation from Side Bars Content & Geometry page. For more info about this page navigate to chapters 5.6 and 5.9 of this manual.
Style Sheet Templates
This version comes with 30 design xl .css templates. Note: Older templates (regular and light), which used in v3.1 and v3.2 are no longer available. There is an online css editor available, which could be started from Content Management admin page by clicking CSS link.
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