1. Updates and new features
  2. License upgrade
  3. Installation Upgrade
  4. Note to 3-rd party developers
I. Updates and new features

Following is new, updated or fixed in v3.3:

  • Full UTF-8 support.
    Note: To support UTF-8, MySQL requires ODBC drivers v5.1 on web server.

  • Keywords in URL and full URL rewrite for key pages.

    Keywords in URL example: http://domain.com/viewscat.asp?c=software&id=10001
    Full URL rewrite example: http://domain.com/viewscat~software.10001.html or

    Note: For full URL rewrite, one of the following required on web server:
    * ISAPI rewrite module v3.0 from Helicon
    * URL Rewrite module v2.0 for IIS 7.0
    * Any other ISAPI module with option to specify rewrite rules.

  • New, fully automated password protected installation setup routine.

  • Code editor (in addition to WYSIWYG) in Content Management.

  • Sessions handling optimized for performance.

  • Online management for some of the configuration files stored in config folder.

  • Powerful category/subcategory cloning. Any category could be replicated along with tree structure and all other attributes under it .

  • Revised Sitemap generator. Now with sitemaps v0.9 standard. Could be submitted to any SE, which support sitemaps. Built-in XML splitter.

  • Option to switch off statistics gathering for banners rotator (one of the sources for growing SQL transaction log at sites heavily populated with banners).

  • Search block removed from footer and “light” search block placed into header. Footer menu and copyright moved into the bottom navigation bar.

  • Mass repost for expired ads (recommended in free and possibly credits mode only).

  • Support for ASPUpload (from persists). Utilizes less server memory, while images uploaded to the site.
  • Option to create a list of keywords for which ad description (at full ad view page) would be scanned. Matched in ad description keyword converted into URL link pointed to the site search page in attempt to locate all other ads with specific keyword in description.

  • Ability to set default ad options in credits mode.

  • Optimized paging routine for list pages. Proxy (filter.asp) page no longer required saving extra trip to the server with each request.

  • Option to lock the site from visitors with custom text/HTML prompt. Great for site maintenance, update, database conversion …etc.

  • Revised online admin help for content and appearance.

  • Revised for appearance FAQ page. Note: templates based FAQ no longer supported.

  • Visitors counter taken out from footer. Instead, there is more powerful statistics gathering routine implemented. New statistics include:

    * Ads count
    * Accounts count
    * All time visitors counter
    * Online visitors counter

    Code for display of statistical data could be inserted into any page or template as text. In addition, there are 2 instances of fully configurable graphical output in a form of image button. Example:

  • Revised admin tasks page.
  • Trusted users. Any user could be made "trusted" and post ads bypassing pending ad status (in moderated mode).
  • Number or other improvements throughout application.
II. License Upgrade

Free license upgrade for RC v3.2 or v3.2c

Owners or Rapid Classified v3.2 and v3.2c automatically upgraded to v3.3, with no additional purchase. If you own one of two mentioned licenses, then you may download v3.3 package at a premium download page without being charged. A link to premium downloads page and logon credentials were e-mailed to you after the original license purchase.

License upgrade for v3.1 (premium) or older

Owners of license for Rapid Classified v3.1 and older versions would not have access for a free download of v3.3 package. Fifty percent discount (from a current license price) offered to owners of older versions for the license upgrade to v3.3. If you own one of mentioned types of licenses and interested in license upgrade, send your request along with original license purchase information (purchase ID, Full name, e-mail address used to make a purchase).

Note: Upgrading original single license from any version to v3.3 does not grant the rights for an additional Rapid Classified installation. You still allowed to have number of installations corresponded to the originally purchased license. If you are planning to use Rapid Classified v3.3 package to set up a new site without shutting down any other installations you might previously installed, then full license purchase is required (not applied to an Unlimited License).

III. Installation Upgrade

Direct upgrade is available for Rapid Classified v3.15, v3.2 and v3.2c. To upgrade installation to v3.3, please download an upgrade kit from Premium Download page.

Rapid Classified v3.1 should be upgraded to Rapid Classified v3.2 first (upgrade scripts enclosed with the v3.2 package) and then to v3.3 with an upgrade kit for v3.3.

IV. Note to 3-rd party developers

If you developed and distributing a plug-in or an add-on to Rapid Classified product, then it is recommended to evaluate all developed products with Rapid Classified v3.3 installation. It is likely that your current plug-in release would not properly function under v3.3 environment one way or another (specifically if plug-in contains pages, which replace the originals during installation). If that is the case, then you would need to release a version which is compatible with RC v3.3 or at least provide compatibility information at the distribution page.

Note: No pages/files from any previously released package are cross compatible with v3.3.