Upgrade From v3.15 to v3.2c

Upgrade Steps

For successful upgrade please follow instructions below. Do not skip or change the order of steps.

  1. Backup current installation. That literally means - download entire content of the current installation along with all pages/folders/subfolder to your computer via FTP.
  2. Delete the following from current Rapid Classified installation at the web site:

    - All pages from "config" folder
    - All pages from "content" folder
    - All stylesheets from "css" folder
    - help.mdb from database folder (folder name specified in config/config.asp as dbFolder)
    - All images  from "img" folder. You may leave "icons" subfolder intact
    - "sql_setup" folder itself
    - All pages/files from the root of Rapid Classified installation
  3. Upload the following to the Rapid Classified installation from RC v3.2c package:

    - All pages from "config" folder into "config" folder at the installation
    - Content of "css" folder
    - All pages from "content" folder into "content" folder at the installation
    - help.mdb from "db" folder into database folder at the installation
    - All images from "img" folder into "img" folder at the installation (you may skip "icons" subfolder)
    - "script" folder into installation
    - "sql_setup" folder into installation
    - All pages/files from the root of the "RC" folder into the root of the installation (except setup pages which start with [!])
  4. If you had any custom logo or other images in "img" folder, then upload them into "img" folder from installation backup.
  5. Since all pages in "config" folder were replaced in step 3, you would need to customize some of them.

    config.asp - make sure to properly select database type, path to folders, database connection credentials ..etc. Use backed up file as reference or setup_manual.pdf in "Manuals" folder within the package.
    helpconfig.asp - make sure the dbFolder path variable is the same as in "config.asp".
    tn_config.asp - change tn_encode_key value to any string. Change secure_content value to any string. The value you set for secure_content would be your new password to Content Management page and at the same time for Database Conversion Tools page (if you ever use it).
    unique.asp - if you amended this file at the old installation, then make same amendments to the page at the current installation.
  6. If you made any amendments to RC pages at the old v3.15 installation, then you would need to make respective amendments to newly installed pages. Do NOT ever use pages from older v3.15 at the new v3.2c installation.