1. Updates and new features
  2. License upgrade
  3. Installation Upgrade
  4. Note to 3-rd party developers

I. Updates and new features

Rapid Classified v3.2c
evolved from v3.2 with a few major and minor updates. Affix [c] in version id means consolidated. Most of the free plug-ins and add-ons developed and released for v3.2 are pre-installed and standard in v3.2c package.

Following plug-ins for v3.2 are standard in v3.2c:

  • Relative Content Links
  • Ads Cache Light
  • Options + Advanced Search Upgrade
  • Design Templates Pack
  • .NET Image Resizer
  • Database Conversion Tools
  • Innova Studio v3.1

Following is new, updated or fixed in v3.2c:

  • Bare Bones Design add-on (in "Extras" folder within the package).

    Add-on contains alternative header.asp and footer.asp pages. Most of the structural blocks of content (logo block, formatted top menu, side/portal bars, bottom search and menu) are stripped from header and footer leaving only a thin layer of enclosure to hold page content in place and bare top and bottom menus. It mostly intended for custom integration of Rapid Classified into existed web site or developing an alternative header, footer, menu.. etc.
  • Ad View Alternative add-on (in "Extras" folder within the package).

    Add-on includes redesigned full ad view pages. Small and large thumbs display at the top of the page, image icons for ad maintenance and more.
  • Basic online CSS editor (launched from "Content Management" page).

    All css style sheets are now located in a separate folder and can be edited, backed up and restored. Instant full site preview for selected style sheet, background image viewer, color sampler...

    Fixed images for some css templates which used to cause slow response in IE 7.0 rendering engine.

    Regular Templates, which were inherited from v3.1 are NO longer available, NOR supported.

  • Amazon ECS Services plug-in update.

    Asynchronous AJAX based Amazon queries is now added as an alternative to regular synchronous query method.  Asynchronous method eliminates a delay in page load.
  • Zip/Post code radius search is partially pre-installed. Instruction for completing installation is provided in Admin Help manual (USA and UK only).
  • Admin Help Manual in pdf format (located in "Manuals" folder within the package).
  • Improved pending ads management (multiple selection for activating or deleting of pending ads).
  • New "flag" for Ad and User options.

    In addition to "Search" flag (which makes field searchable in "Advanced" search), optional fields could now accept "List" flag. "List" flag forces to display designated optional field in most of the ads list pages.
  • Icons for subcategories. Each subcategory could be assigned an icon for the display at the category browse pages.
  • Clients logon with User name (in addition to logon with e-mail address).
  • For MS Access database type installations, an online database compacting tool (launched from "Global Management" admin page).
  • DOCTYPE - 4.01 Transitional is added to all pages.
  • Update for Image upload forms. Better upload interface and upload handling.
  • Proportional image display in all list pages.

    Image display block is built from common ASP function (Function displayImage) in libraries.asp, which allows easy image display customization for all list pages.
  • Image file physical size limit control in "Admin Preferences" is no longer available due to a mandatory image resizing and thumb generating routine. This control was replaced with resizing method selector - ASPJpeg or ASP.NET.
  • Other minor improvements throughout application.


II. License Upgrade

Free license upgrade for RC v3.1 (premium) or v3.2

Owners or Rapid Classified v3.2 and older premium license for Rapid Classified v3.1 (not to be confused with License "A" for free v3.1) automatically upgraded to v3.2c with no additional purchase. If you own one of two mentioned licenses, then you may download v3.2c package at a premium download page without being charged. A link to premium download page and logon credentials were e-mailed to you after the original license purchase.

License upgrade for v3.0 or older

Owners of license for Rapid Classified v3.0 and older versions would not have access for a free download of v3.2c package. Fifty percent discount (from a current license price) is offered to owners of older versions for the license upgrade to v3.2c. If you own one of mentioned types of licenses and interested in license upgrade, send your request along with original license purchase information (purchase ID, Full name, e-mail address used to make a purchase).

Note: Upgrading original single license from any version to v3.2c does not grant the rights for an additional Rapid Classified installation. You still allowed to have number of installations corresponded to the originally purchased license. If you are planning to use Rapid Classified v3.2c package to set up a new site without shutting down any other installations you might previously installed, then full license purchase is required (not applied to an Unlimited License).

III. Installation Upgrade


Rapid Classified v3.2c package can only be installed fresh or upgrade current v3.2 installation. There is no way to upgrade v3.1 installation with v3.2c directly. If you are running v3.1 and are willing to upgrade to v3.2c, then you must upgrade to v3.2 first.

Upgrading from v3.2 to v3.2c would requires replacement of ALL classified pages, built-in content management pages (custom template and "true" content pages could be preserved), all images in "img" folder and all pages in "config" folder. Any custom work done on installation/stylesheets (if any) would most likely be overridden.

Rapid Classified v3.2c does not support Regular/Light stylesheet templates from v3.1/3.2. Those template are quite slow and inefficient when building page content blocks and therefore are no longer available in a new version. Thirty XL stylesheet templates are included in v3.2c package.

For upgrade instructions from v3.2 to v3.2c refer to the following article.

IV. Note to 3-rd party developers

If you developed and distributing a plug-in or an add-on to Rapid Classified product, then it is recommended to evaluate all developed products with Rapid Classified v3.2c installation. It is likely that your current plug-in release would not properly function under v3.2c environment one way or another (specifically if your plug-in contains pages which replace the originals during installation). If that is the case, then you would need to release a version which is compatible with RC v3.2c or at least refer which version the plug-in is compatible with at the distribution page.

Note: No pages/files from v3.2 package are cross compatible with v3.2c.