Statistics/Counter Image Button [config/stats_config1.asp]
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Header Text:
Posted Ads Text: - Enable  - Leading Zeros
User Accounts Text: - Enable  - Leading Zeros
Counter Text: - Enable  - Leading Zeros
Online Visitors Text: - Enable  - Leading Zeros
Unavailable Text:
Font Size:
Header Text Color:
Set Head Color
Titles Text Color:
Set Titles Color
Values Text Color
Set Values Color
Header Text Style:
Titles Text Style:
Values Text Style:
Header Vertical Offset: (px) test statistics button
Stats. Vertical Offset: (px)
Swap Titles and Values:
Background Image:
Code to embed an image:
ASP code to embed statistics in text format
Ads:   Accounts:   Counter:   Visitors:
  • To have statistics on a different background, create your own background PNG image, which has enough height and width to hold the data. Upload custom image into img folder and fill the Background image field with corresponding file name.
  • Alternatively, you may quickly customize existed background image. Visit OGIM for Red-White or Yellow-Green background image, make color/shape/gradient amendments, click Download button, save image and upload it into img folder.
  • More in chapter 6.6 of an online admin help.