Rapid Classified 3.2c (ADMIN DEMO)

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Package Duration:   day(s)
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Expire Ads as Package Expires:   *
 Allow to post no more than:   ad(s) per package **
Max. Number of Images:   image(s) per ad
Allow to post in locked categories:   ***
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Take Package Offline:   ****
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NOTE: To use package schemes you must switch "Pay Mode" to "Package Payment Mode" in Admin Preferences

* Sets Ads expiration date to the Package expiration date; overrides Ads Duration setting for this package.
** Set to 0 to allow unlimited ads posted.
*** Categories are locked by linking custom payment schemes with enabled lock to appropriate categories.
**** If this package already been purchased, clients will continue to utilize it. But it will not be presented in the list of packages available for sale. The "Trial - Free" package ignores this setting and follows the "Enable Free Trial" setting.

"Free Post" Categories Configuration
Pay Categories Free Categories

NOTE: Move appropriate categories to "Free Post" list to allow client to post ads to those categories without having to purchase any packages. Free categories inherit the duration scheme from the linked payment scheme ("default" scheme assigned by default) and images limit from the number assigned in "Admin Preferences". Once client purchased the package however, ALL categories including "Free Post" categories would inherit the properties of the purchased package (ad duration, image limit.. etc.).

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