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 Chapter - 2.2 Optional Fields
Each category can have up to 20 optional fields. Optional fields are displayed on the ad post page and allow for the customers to specify additional information regarding the product/service they are offering within the ad. While selecting a category, customers would be prompted to fill optional fields with respect to the options you have created for each category at Categories Administration page. Next to each optional field there are few additional controls which helps you to expand options functionality.

First is "Global" (Glb) check box.  Global option (if checked and saved by clicking "Modify"), would immediately propagate respective optional field name throughout the entire category structure. So if you for instance created a "Price" as first optional field in "Automobiles" category, checked global and saved settings, then every other category would immediately inherit "Price" as first optional field overriding existed settings (if any was specified as first optional field). While Global box is checked the Field name remain grayed out and cannot be changed.

Note: The Global setting is irreversible. Although you can uncheck "Glb" later on, the respective optional field would remain the same for each category until you change it manually. Make sure you indeed willing to propagate selected field to all categories before saving global option.

The "Global" makes optional fields creation process a snap if you building a subject oriented board. If for instance you have deleted all categories and started from the scratch. You then create first category, assign optional fields and make them global. When you create additional categories, they will automatically inherit global optional fields sparing you from the job of creating fields for each category over again. But this is scenario for subject oriented board (cars, boats... etc). If you have general board where you must have different optional fields, then use you judgment assigning global optional fields. You might create a few, which are common for most of the categories and then uncheck global and modify options on the minority of categories. You would still save some time and effort configuring your categories.

The "Search/List" option (S/L) Search and list flags. Following is available: S - Would make an option search-able at the advanced search page. L - Would create a column for that option at the ads list pages. SL - both - S and L flags applied. = - none of the flags applied. Note: Similar flags could be applied to user optional fields in "Admin Preferences" admin page.

List flag (for both category and user optional fields) works for the following pages: viewlist.asp (Subcategory list page), viewsublist.asp (3rd level category list page), viewuserlist.asp (user ads page), search.asp (simple search), advsearch.asp (advanced search). Below is a table for List (L) flag availability at different pages for category and user optional fields:
Page Category Options User Options
viewlist.asp available available
viewsublist.asp available available
viewuserlist.asp N/A available
search.asp available only if specific category is searched available
advsearch.asp available only if specific category is searched available

Subcategory options (Sopt) By default all optional fields will be propagated down to all subcategories under selected category. You can control to some degree that behavior. By un-checking appropriate check box next to optional field you my prevent the display of that option for currently selected subcategory and all 3-rd level categories under it. That means when client posted ads under this subcategory, this particular optional field will not show up on a final ad submission page. This feature works only at subcategory level (meaning you cannot individually control options for 3-rd level categories). After un-checking certain optional fields, thus excluding them from currently selected subcategory, you have to save settings by clicking "Modify" button under the subcategory settings.

Options Set. The last and the most important optional fields attribute is "Opt. Set". This attribute would effectively convert plain input text filed into preset options set (drop down box). Meaning a client would be prompted to use drop-down selector instead of typing information for the respective option. Within the "Opt. set" you might see some default options which come with the board. You can use them or you can create your own custom options sets. (see "Options Builder" below).
There are few different types of option sets. The difference and the instruction to create new option sets are described below in "Options Builder" section. When you select option in an "Opt. Set" column, you can immediately view the way this option would appear at the ad post page. Just click on an "eye" icon next to optional filed and the selected option would appear with "Options Preview" frame (located to the right from option 17).  As with field name and search option, the Options set will be inherited by all categories if the "Global" is checked for a specific optional field.

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