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 Chapter - 1.2 Miscellaneous Configurations

Miscellaneous Configuration page is a convenient interface for amending some of the configuration files stored in [config] folder and include a separate subsection for each configurable file. Included Subsections:

URL Rewrite Configuration

Do not make any amendments for this subsection. For reference, see chapter 8.5 of this manual first.

Misc. Configurations

Configurations include the following:

  • CAPTCHA Encode Key. Unique encode string for turning number. For security reasons must be changed and be unique for each installation.

  • Conversion Tools Page Name. For security reasons Conversion Tools page (default [db_convert.asp]) must be renamed. After renaming the page at the site (via FTP or Hosting Control Panel), enter the page name (less extension) to this field, so that the Conversion Tools page could be properly accessed.

  • Small and Large Thumb size. If full ad view page was replace with alternative version, then use those fields to control image attachments thumbs size. For guidelines, see manual.pdf for alternative ad view page. Located in [Extras/ Ad View Alternative] folder within the distribution RC zip package.

  • NewsLetter Recipients Partition. News Letters sent in partitions. Here you may set the partition size (number of emails sent at a time). More information in chapter 6.4 of this manual.
  • The next 2 configurations dependent on one another. Ad body at full ad view page would be scanned for presence of specified keywords. If located, keywords would be converted into URL links pointed to the classified search page in attempt to locate other ads with the same keywords. Automated keyword links generator provides an accuracy of about 90%.

    Specify a reasonable number of keywords, which are common for your classified ads (up to 30-50 keywords). Keywords list must be words separated by a comma. Each word should be no less than 4 characters in length, and not have a space or special characters.

    Keywords URL links distinguished by a red dotted underscore. Style for the keywords URL link could be changed by amending class [.dkeylink] in common.css. A default link for located keywords is:


    :dkeys: in the middle of the URL replaced with respective keyword on the fly, while link for this keyword is inserted into ad body. Normally, this URL should not be changed. If you however enabled URL rewrite and able to create rewrite rules, then you may change it. See the last section of chapter 8.5 for details about custom search URL links.

    Gathering the list of ads keywords

    To gather a list of common keywords at classified, click an identify link. This link triggers a scan for the top 1000 ads posted at classified. All keywords in ad body longer that 3 characters and which do not contain numbers and special characters would be compiled into a special list along with number of instances for each keyword. The list is sorted by keywords count with most common keywords at the top of the list. The list then copied into a file ad_body_keywords.csv and send to a browser for download. You may open this list in an Excel or any other editor for analyses, choose the most appropriate keywords and use them for the Keywords in ad body field.

    The file, which generates the list, is admin_down_keywords.asp. This file contains one configurable variable at the top, when opened in text editor. There you may specify a list of common keywords, which you wish to skip during the scan. You may add or remove words from this list, save it and upload back to the site.

Image Watermark

Subsection controls watermark, which appears at the attached to ads images. Depending on [Image Resizing and CAPTCHA Method] set in [Admin Preferences], the settings for watermark gathered from the respective configuration file in [config] folder.

All settings are self-explanatory. [Display watermark] switches ON/OFF the watermark for images. One control however, is used regardless of watermark display status:

Image Quality – is an important setting, which directly affects uploaded image file size and respectively web server disk space utilization. Value could span from 0 to 100. Reasonable values are between 30 and 80. The higher image quality would produce the larger image attachment file (in relation to physical file size – not to be confused with image dimensions) and vise versa.

Note: Since watermark hardcoded into images, all amended watermark settings would be in effect only to newly uploaded images.

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