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 Chapter - 12.5 Switching Hosting Service (SQL)

Make sure to follow First Time Configuration in chapter 12.0

Follow guidelines below for successful roll out from one hosting to another. Make sure not to skip any step or change the order of steps.

1. At the source hosting server:

  • Document which plug-ins currently installed at the site.
  • Follow guidelines in chapter 12.1 and backup current SQL database into MS Access cldb.mdb
  • Switch database type to MS Access in config/congif.asp. Your site in now running from MS Access database. Make sure the site has no visible errors.
  • Backup entire site to your local computer. Do not skip any folder or page. You may however skip "scripts" and "editarea" folders. Those folders contain Innova Studio and EditArea editors, which never modified and contain many files which would delay the download process.

2. At the destination hosting server:

  • Make sure to have an RC distribution package downloaded from "Premium Download Page" handy and install Rapid Classified fresh with desired SQL database by following guidelines in setup_manual.pdf.

    Note: Do NOT use any files/folders from the backup of the old site.

  • Make sure installation was successful and the new site operates properly.

  • Install plug-ins, which were installed at the old hosting (you had to document that in first step).

    Important: Never install any new plug-ins, which were not installed at the old site at this time. There also no need to configure any preferences, modify templates and configure at this point.

  • Delete the following from newly installed application:

    1. img folder
    2. language folder
    3. All pages and files from db, content, css, cl_upload, ads ,banners folders (not the folders themselves).
    4. All pages from the root of classified. Yes, all pages must be removed form the root of classified.

  • Upload the following from backed up at the local computer installation (from the old hosting) into a new installation:

    1. img folder
    2. language folder
    3. All pages and files from db, content, css, cl_upload, ads, banners folders (from a backup) into the respective folders at a new hosting.

    Important: Do not upload db, content, css, cl_upload, ads, banners folders - just the folders content. It is tempting to upload ads folder itself for instance in one shot overriding the existed ads folder at a new installation. In this case however, the chances are great, that the permissions set for ads folder during installation would be overridden (this might not be the case however if hosting sets "write/delete" (or "modify") permissions by default to the entire site like a does).

    4. All pages from config folder except config.asp. Specifically config.asp must not be overridden with the one from backup because it is now configured with new SQL configuration. You would need however to make changes in an existed at a new site config.asp related to logo, locale, admin page name, time offset… etc – the way you had it at the old hosting.
    . All pages from root of classified.

  • Navigate to Global Manager admin page and click Access-2-SQL. Type password and click Copy MS Access to SQL. Click Back to Site link to return to the default page and make sure the site is operational. Note: use only Back to Site link to return to the site and not back browser button. The link first leads to the cache reset page (which is essential after restore) and then to the default page. New site now operates from SQL with database records from an old site.

  • Open Admin Preferences page, configure Email properties and Site URL in respect to a new hosting and domain name (if it was changed). If domain name was changed and you are using ads caching, then delete all ads cache and recreate it.

  • If an absolute path to classified installation was changed (that is if you had it for instance installed at but at a new hosting you installed it at, then Open Content Management page, select each "True Content Template" (template names are in green) and click "Save" and then "Backup".

  • Delete cldb.mdb from db folder or override it with blank cldb.mdb.
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