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 Chapter - 11.1 Relative Ad Description

There is a small addition to Relative Content Links called - Relative Ad Description.

Relative Ad Description intended to display specific template (based on category) for ad description, while clients submitting the ad. It opens another way of adding specific ad options, structure to some degree ad description creating a uniform look. Essentially the template fills an empty space in an Innova Studio WYSIWYG editor window at the last ad post page.
The "Allow clients to Post with WYSIWYG" setting in Admin Preferences should be enabled.

Create a new "Custom Inclusive Pages" template on Content Management page. Make sure the template has word link in a name. Come up with the idea what to include into the template. It could be as simple or as complex as you desire. The idea is to create ad description in HTML format with a few fields where clients would only need to fill blanks. Depending on classified category structure, you might wish to create a few templates – one for each category/subcategory.

Once templates created, navigate to Relative Ad Description admin page. All templates with the word link would be listed within drop-down boxes next to category selectors. Simply link templates to appropriate categories. If you wish to have a single template for all categories, then use "Link All to" button. To remove templates from certain categories link "none" entry from templates selector. Template preview and quick edit is available with "Preview & Quick Edit button".

Note: The list of templates would include those you might have created for Content Display. Make sure to select and link only those intended for the default ads description.

Logon as a user and try to post an ad. Depending on category you are posting an ad to, the ad description in an Innova Studio HTML editor window would render linked template on a final ad submission page.

Description Template guidelines:

  • Create templates with clean and valid HTML code. Even a single invalid HTML tag, which does not cause a visible error on a preview page nor in an HTML editor window at an ad submission page, may seriously invalidate or reshape an full ad view page.
  • If using tables or any other layers, make sure NOT to specify a fixed width over 400px. The best way is to let the content fit the available width - use 99% as a width in necessary.
  • Do not insert any type of scripts into description templates. Tags such as <script>, <style>, <meta> would be removed while ad is submitted.

Note: The ad description templates are not mandatory. Clients may very well override the default template and fill ad description with their own content.

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