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 Chapter - 5.12 FAQ

Tree different FAQ sets built for each Classified Mode. That is a separate FAQ for a Free mode, Credits Payment Mode and Package Payment Mode. Some of the Question/Answer units are common for all three Modes and repeated in each set.

The FAQ sets automatically selected when you switch classifieds’ mode. That is if Free Mode selected (Collect Fees for ad posting in Admin Preferences is not checked), then clicking FAQ from main menu would bring up FAQ relevant to Free Mode. If Credits Payment Mode selected, then the FAQ relevant to Credits Mode would be displayed... etc.

FAQ maintains each Question/Answer set as a separate record in database. It allows editing each record individually, sort records, filter records by Mode (Free, Credits, Package) and assign the same record to different Mode.

When you first open the FAQ manager page, only FAQ records belonging to the CURRENT Mode elected and presented in a drop down list. Most of the records however belong to all 3 modes simultaneously because they are common and appropriate for any Mode. If you wish to see records belonging to the Mode other than what you currently configured your board with, use Filter at the top of the page to pull respective to the Mode records. Alternatively, pull ALL records.

Note: You may sort records (change the order of appearance on actual FAQ page), but only if selected the Individual Mode (Not ALL).

Feel free to edit any FAQ record, add/remove as well as change the record availability in different Modes (by using respective check box in Available for row).

Note: Make sure to manipulate FAQ records, which belong to current Classified Mode. If you made changes to some records and then on FAQ page there is no indication of any changes made, then this could only mean that you for example edited a record available only in Free Mode (only Free Mode box checked on edited FAQ record properties) but you are currently running a Package Mode.
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