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 Chapter - 5.7 Custom Inclusive Pages

WYSIWYG and Edit Area CAN be used withCustom InclusivePages. ASP code CAN be used. Only reference to Template is Stored in Database. Actual page is stored in "Content" Folder. Backup/Restore is available.

This type of templates is similar to True Content Pages. The difference however is, that Custom Inclusive Pages do not include header and footer (header and footerare automatically included into True Content Pages while created or saved), therefore for the most parts cannot be used as a separate pages within your classified installation by default. Custom Inclusive Pages may be included into other existed pages on your installation and contain information, which needs a frequent manual update.

After you created Custom Inclusive Page, it may be included into other pages as following:

<!--#include file="content/some_page.asp"-->

Where some_page is the name of newly created template. As you see, the page is actually located in content folder.

You can actually emulate a True Content Pages. As mentioned at the beginning, the only different between True Content Pages and Custom Inclusive Pages is that the header and footer are automatically included into True Content Pages.
To emulate, all you need to do is properly insert a header and footer. You have to understand thatthe header.asp and footer.asp are located in parent folder in relation to content folder where content pages are located. Therefore, extra care should be taken while including header and footer. Normally it would look something like:

<!--#include file="../header.asp"-->
The page content would go here
<!--#include file="../footer.asp"-->

Note the "../" in the front of the file path. This commands browser to locate file in a parent folder. However, some hosting companies disallow such a path reference. If you received a message aboutinvalid back-path reference, you need to include header and footer virtually with the relation to the site root:

In case, the classified is located at the root of the site:

<!--#include virtual="/header.asp"-->
The page content would go here
<!--#include virtual="/footer.asp"-->

If classified is located in some folder ("rc" in this case):

<!--#include virtual="/rc/header.asp"-->
The page content would go here
<!--#include virtual="/rc/footer.asp"-->

Once you included header and footer and placed some content in between, you got a fully functional page, which can be referenced the same way as True Content Pages.

Where some_page is the name of newly created Custom Inclusive Page Template.

The pages renderedwith cindex.asp are treated as if they’re located at the root of the classified. Therefore linked objects (images, java scripts references ..etc) must be relative to the Classified root - not to the content folder.

More information about Custom Inclusive Page Template:


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