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 Chapter - 6.5 Forum

Forum Administration admin page is the forum management page. In addition, practically all other forum pages allow to administer forum and have special administrative links, which would only appear when administrator or moderator (any classified user promoted to "Editor" status in User Manager) are logged in to the classified. The difference between administrator and user-moderator (forum administration vise) is, that the moderator cannot access Forum Administration admin page. The rest of the admin links on general forum pages would appear for moderator.

Forum does not support any forms of HTML posting. URLs (if posted) automatically converted into the valid html links. In addition the [Q] [/Q] tags are used to quote the original message when the reply is posted. Quoted text highlighted and surrounded by a light gray border.

6.5.1 Administration Page

There are no forums exist after classified installation. You may start by creating a new forum. Each forum you create maintains its own threads. The max. length for the forum name is 255 characters. Once forum created and appears within the list, additional forum configuration may be applied.

Post - if unchecked, no user may create new threads at this forum.

Note: from now on, when any restriction is set to forum, thread, individual post or any other restrictions mentioned, they are not related to administrator or moderator. Being logged on to the board as admin or moderator would override any restrictions while working with forum pages. In this case, if you uncheck "Post", you, as administrator would still be able to create messages at the forum.

Rename - simply allows renaming a forum

Fix Count - normally the number of threads and posts properly maintained within the forum. This tool could be used to overcome count inconsistency when server outage occurs while clients are posting messages.

Hide/Reveal- may be used to hide forum from clients -temporary or permanently.

Reply - if unchecked, no user can reply to existed messages.

Mail New - check to receive Email notification when a new thread created (not sent is poster is admin or moderator).

Mail Reply - check to receive Email notification when a new reply posted (not sent if poster is admin or moderator).

Delete - allows deleting forum, all threads within the forum of threads based on last reply date.

Global settings are self-explanatory. Display, or allow posting messages at forum to registered classified users only or locking entire forum (for maintenance for instance while moving messages between forums). You may also choose the number of columns for the forums list.

At the very bottom of the page, there is a very powerful "threads mover" tool. You may move threads between forum based on a date or move all threads from one forum to another.

Warning: Be careful with this tool. If you move some threads from one forum to another and the destination forum already had some other threads listed, there is no way to precisely filter moved messages back in case you moved threads by mistake.

The "mover" could be used to archive thread. You may create a forum, name it Archive for instance and move older threads from other forums to this forum from time to time.

Finally, forums can be sorted within the presented list. Use up/down buttons next to forum name to create a desired order.

6.5.2 Forums page

When logged in as admin or moderator there will be additional administration links available at main forum page. Those links mainly related to individual threads at the selected forum.

Lock - disables the posting replies to the selected thread.

Note: if the selected forum locked or posting at the forums allowed to registered users only, then this setting has no effect on a thread. The message locked in any case.

Hide - thread becomes hidden from clients.

Del - obviously deletes entire thread.

Move - moves selected thread to another forum.

There is a Filter available at the top of the threads list. If you locked or hid some threads, you may display only those threads by selecting an appropriate filter from a drop-down box.

Finally, while creating a new thread, there are 2 more options available to admin or moderator:

Make a "Sticky" - places the thread at the very top of the threads list. Use it for announcements, rules.. etc.

Lock Thread - automatically locks the thread after posting. Same as Locked above.

6.5.3 Message Display Page

Admin may select and delete individual replies at the thread. A special check box would appear next to each reply when admin or moderators logged in. By selecting messages and clicking "Delete" the individual replies are permanently removed.

Note: The forum is threaded. This means if the individual reply is marked for deletion, the entire structure below would be marked as well. Selecting the very first, root message for instance would mark entire thread for deletion. This does prevent orphan messages within the thread. If you must remove an offensive message but retain the replies to that message, then use cancel tool on a message Edit page.

IP address of the poster displayed next to each user name.

Individual messages may be edited by clicking an "Edit" link above the current message. Edit pop-up window allows changing poster user name, subject and message body. A "Sticky" option allows promote/demote a thread to the top of the list within the thread list on a main forum page.

Note: A "Sticky" option is ONLY available when you edit the very first, root message within the thread.

You may cancel the message by clicking "Cancel Message" button. This would not delete the message, but clear the message content and apply a special cancel icon to the thread.

6.5.4 Search Page

One admin option is available at the search page. In addition to regular search options, the admin may search forums database by aposter IP address. The IP address used for search may be complete or partial.

6.5.5 Static forum configurations

There are 4 static configurations may be found within forum_header.asp page. Open this page in any text editor and modify variable at the top of the page if necessary.

name_limit = 20 - specifies the maximum allowed characters for poster name.
subject_limit = 60 - specifies the maximum allowed characters for subject.
body_limit = 5000 - specifies the maximum allowed characters for message body.
search_body = 200 - specifies the number of characters to display within the message body while search result is displayed.

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