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 Chapter - 2.0 Categories Administration

NOTE: Before you take your board online and make it available to customers, make sure you have finalized categories and optional fields customization. This version comes with a powerful optional fields builder. If you changed options order, type and other attributes after some ads have already been posted at the classified, you might confuse your clients as some of the options they specify would appear under different fields which you have changed. That does not necessary means that you cannot add categories and optional fields later on. Just make sure to understand how exactly the options builder works and what consequences might be as a result of your changes.

Classified allows you to create practically unlimited categories/subcategories/3-rd level categories. Theoretically, you can create 10,000 categories, 50,000 subcategories and unlimited number of 3rd level. Categories modified/created from Categories Administration page.
Note: The meta/title properties of the categories/subcategories described in Chapter 8.2 section of this manual.

Classified comes with 10 preset categories and 170 subcategories. You may freely modify categories tree by adding /modifying categories or deleting everything and starting from the scratch creating a custom tree. When you remove a category, all subcategories/3rd level associated with this category are removed as well. Note: All ads under given category must be removed first, before removing category completely.

  • Rules for creating new category: Give a category name, brief description, first subcategory name and a custom icon name if necessary. Custom icon should be 40x40px in size and be located in "img/icons" folder. If you leave "icon" field empty, then the default icon would be used.

  • Icons - Classified comes with over 150 icons. To select an Icon, click on "Select Icon" link at Categories Administration page and follow instructions within the popup window. Icons could also be assigned globally to all categories or subcategories/3-rd Level categories under selected main category. Click "Assign globally" link to bring another windows for global icons assignment.

  • Category Cloning. This powerful function allows cloning of entire category structure of main category or subcategory. Click "Clone current Main Category" button in "Clone Category" section. Currently selected main category would be cloned along with all subcategories and 3-rd level categories (if present). Word "(copy)" would be attached to the cloned category name.
    Subcategory could also be cloned under any Main category. Subcategory cloning is practical when it has certain 3-rd level categories under it. Choose subcategory intended for cloning. Then, in "Clone Category" section choose any main category to clone subcategory to and click "Clone Subcategory to >>" button.

  • Category Import Tools. If you have a large category structure to create, then use "Category Import Tools" found in "Extras" folder within the main distribution zip package.
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