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 Chapter - 10.2 Automated Submissions

Clients may submit banners for rotation into any available for rotation zone. In order to have clients submit banners for advertisement, at least one zone should be activated and be available for the display at banners submission page - advertise.asp (linked from Advertise with us in footer menu).

For zones management, activation and display availability see previous chapter. Only active zones with "Display" configuration [on], would be available for clients’ submission. In case there is no active zone in the zones list, or none of the zones are available for the display at automated banners submission page, automated submission is shut down and clients would get a message instead of submission form.

An automated submission page (Advertise with us link in footer menu) made with a few sections. If a visitor is not logged into the classified and navigates to this page, then only advertising prices and conditions listed at the page. Default text appearing at this page should be revised to reflect advertisement policies and conditions for your site. Create appropriate zones and come up with pricing scheme for each zone. Then modify Advertisement template in Content Management, which used for the Advertise with us page.

To submit a banner, client needs to create an account. Once client logged in to the account, Advertise with us page presents a section from where banners could automatically be submitted to any available zone. If client selects an Image Banner, then banner uploaded to banners folder first. Client then completes submission by providing banner details. For the Code Banner an appropriate link would lead to the section, where client could submit the code for a banner. For both types of banners, clients may select either touse duration scheme of impressions.

Important: Carefully review Code Banner submissions. Client may submit a malicious code, which might affect classified behavior, appearance as well as visitors of the site.

All submitted banners assigned a pending (OFF) status and admin receives a notification about banner submission. After receiving submission, you may response with an appropriate invoice and the price for submission and direct client to any available payment service or to the Advertise with us, which has a payment section.

Note: The advertisement payment form is not connected with payments notifications nor payments log. Look for the respective email from your merchant after payment was made.

You may activate banner by editing it and setting Make Active [on]

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