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 Chapter - 9.3 RSS Feeds Reference

below is a reference to RSS feeds attributes at RSS Feeds management page.

Variable Name


RSS Feed Name:Indicate a Feed name. Must be a single word in (English only). This is for internal identification only.
Valid RSS Feed:Valid URL link to RSS Feed Source
Cache Every:In Minutes. All feeds cached in database. This value controls how often cache should be refreshed. Optimal values would be over 30 minutes.
Number of Items to display:Maximum Number of feed Items to display.
Show Default Title:Every Feed would have a Title/Name and a brief description. Indicate whether to display it or not.
Custom Feed Title: If you choose Not to display the default title/description (above), you may type the custom title to display instead.
Show Default Feed Logo: Most of the feeds have a small logo which would be displayed next to title. Indicate whether to display it or not.
Show Items Bullets: Feed items could have a custom bullets. If you'd like to have bullets with each Item then indicate a valid bullet image at Bullets Image (see below).
Show Items Publish Date: Indicate whether or not to display Item publish date.
Show Items Description: Indicate whether or not to display Item description.
Display in a standard RC Box: Indicate whether or not to display entire feed in a standard RC bounding Box.
Title Font Size: Set Title Font Size.
Items Subject Font Size: Set Items Subject Font Size.
Items Description Font Size: Set Items Description Size.
Bullets Image: If you selected to have Items bullets, then indicate a valid bullet image name. Note: Bullet images must be located in "img" folder.
Open New Window for Item Links: Set to yes to open new browser window when feed links are clicked. Set to no to browse within the same window.
Use Dotted Items Separator: Set to yes to draw dotted Items separator. Set to no to omit.
Show Items Enclosure: Set to yes to display enclosed to items images (only image/jpg or image/gif would be displayed)
Restrict Image Size to: If selected to display items images, then it is highly recommended to restrict the image size because some feeds may include large images, which might stretch your site tables out of bound
Image Position: If selected to display items images, then indicate left/right position. Image is centered if "none" is selected
Include in Menu: This is related to rss_menu.asp page intended to create available feeds menu in portal boxes. If set to yes,then this feed will be part of the created menu.
Display Category:For the feeds other that Rapid Classified, this would display item category as it set by an external feed creator (if category is available). For RC feeds this would display category each ad belongs to. And in case if the feed displays ads from a specific RC category, the category name would be displayed only in feed title section.
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