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 Chapter - 9.1 RSS Feeds Writer

The rssfeeds.asp page creates an RSS interface at your rapid classified installation, which can be read in turn by any RSS reader available on any site around the world including the reader included with this package. That means you have RSS reader and writer at your disposal and can even display new ads at your own site utilizing RSS interface. But the main attraction is reading remote interfaces (other Rapid Classified or any other sites equipped with RSS reader for that matter), links exchange.. etc. RSS Reader described in the next chapter.

This version is capable to display attached to the ads images, specify site logo image, and display ads for each selected category or per user bases. In addition, there is an rss_feeds.asp page, which can display all available feeds at classified. Simply run rss_feeds.asp to see what is available.

RSS feed writer configured at the "RSS/XML Link Builder" admin page

9.1.1 Static configurations

Open "RSS/XML Link Builder" admin page. At the bottom of the page, there is configuration section, where you may specify certain feed attributes common for all feeds generated at the site. Specifically, this section manages an RSS configuration file stored in config folder [config/rss_config.asp].

From top to bottom:

  • Limit ads body characters - Number of characters from Ad Description to display.
  • Default number of Ads - Number of ads to display by default.
  • Limit number of Ads to - Never display more than specified number of ads.
  • Content Encoding - Set appropriate content encoding for the RSS feed.
  • Display Logo - Choose to display logo. Logo file information gathered from [logo] variable specified in [config/config.asp].
  • Custom logo - If you choose to include logo, which is other than specified in [config/config.asp], then specify image file name here. Image must be uploaded into [img] folder at the site. Example: someimage.jpg where someimage.jpg exists in [img] folder.
  • Time Zone - Specify time zone. Represented with + or - [hour:minute] offset from GTM (Greenwich Meridian Line or Greenwich Meantime). Example: If classified serves in West Coast US, then choose GMT - 08:00

Note: Some of the configurations above may be irrelevant if certain custom parameters specified as page arguments. See the next chapter.

9.1.2 Links builder

While at the rss_feeds.asp page (RSS link in the footer menu), you may select feed links for all newly posted ads or by specific main category. There are more options for RSS feeds available at the special RSS links configuration page.

Open "RSS/XML Link Builder" admin page. Links builder is a convenient interface for generating RSS and XML links.

Note: XML feed (xmlfeed.asp) burner is not installed by default. See "Extras/XML Feed" folder within RC distribution package.

Here you may generate more specific RSS feed links, which would include several categories (any level), choose number of ads to display (overriding the default configuration), include full ad description (body), and restrict ads list to Hot and Editor’s pick only.

Create a list of categories by adding them with "Add Main Category(s)" and "Add Subcategory(s)" buttons. On the left in the "Feed Attributes" window, choose additional options.

While categories and options selected, proper links generated in the RSS Link and XML Link window simultaneously.

To test generated links, click on respective RSS or XML (if installed) icons.

Now use generated links for displaying ads with selected options and categories at any external site with RSS feeds reader. Alternatively, create an RSS feeds internally using built-in RSS reader (see the next chapter).

Note: Please keep in mind, that multiple category selection does not necessary guaranty ads output from each specified category. Some categories might have greater number of latest ads posted, than the allowed number of ads within the feed, hence dominating within the feed output leaving no room for ads from other categories.

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