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 Chapter - 9.0 RSS Management

RSS Management is an extension to Rapid Classified - allows reading, formatting and presenting a standard RSS feeds within Rapid Classified pages as well as creating a standard RSS feed for ads posted at your classified. RSS feeds are widely available on many internet web sites presenting news, classifieds, e-commerce, reviews, etc...

While rssfeed.asp creates an RSS feed for your top-posted ads, the RSS reader (RSS Feeds Admin page) parses the resulted feed and presents it on a standard web page. That means in addition to reading internet RSS recourses, the reader can read your own feeds created with rssfeed.asp. Useful when you are running multiple RC classifieds and would like to exchange top posted ads information between sites and keep it current.

Note for advanced developers: RSS is a standard when it comes to presenting information and contains a very few presenting items (such as item subject, description and date). It is sufficient for the most of the cases. If you however would like include and display more information about the ad in your RC feed, you should consider using custom xmlfeed.asp from XML plug-in (listed in "Extras" folder within RC distribution package) and accordingly develop custom reader for that feed (see manual for XML plug-in).

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