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 Chapter - 8.2 Dynamic Meta Tags Builder

It is important to have a proper description and keywords Meta tags configured within individual pages at your classified site. Different search engines spider your site differently, but most of SE would pay attention to keywords and title and compare them to the actual text on your site for the match and relevancy and then would use this information while calculating page rank.

Automated Meta tags assignment in Rapid Classified covers the most important ads and categories list pages.

In relation to category list pages, a Meta tags optimization achieved by allowing to specify Meta page title, description and keywords as well as block of text for page body for each category/subcategory/3rd-level category. Transparency and inheritance mechanism plays an important role in Meta tags assignment, where all list pages would get proper Meta tags even if you did not specify them for each category at Category Administration page.

8.2.1 Meta Tags Full Description And Title

Begin by specifying a global description and keywords Meta tags for your site.

Open "Admin Preferences" page. Type or paste Name/Title and Meta properties and save by clicking "Save Configs. And Prefs.". Most pages at this point would inherit this set of Meta tags.

Next, move to the category levels. Ideally, each category at all levels should have properly specified the following:

  • Full Description – a text, which would be displayed at the top of the category list pages. It is highly recommended to include keywords into the text, which are relevant to the specific category.
  • Meta Description – a text, which would be placed into the description Meta tag for category list pages.
  • Meta Keywords - a text, which would be placed into the keywords Meta tag for category list pages.
  • Category Title – a text for <title> tag for category list pages.

Each category level (main, subcategory and third level) has the above fields for assigning Full description and Meta tags and Title within the respective sections at the "Category Administration" page.

  • Main Category Meta properties, Title and Full description used at viewscat.asp page - list of subcategories for each Main category.
  • Subcategory Meta properties, Title and Full description used at viewlist.asp page - list of ads for specific subcategory and list of 3-rd level categories.

3-rd Level Subcategory Meta properties, Title and Full description used at viewsublist.asp - list of ads for specific 3-rd level category.

Note: It might be quite time-consuming to specify the above properties for each category at every category level. In case you have substantial number of categories, try specifying at least properties for all Main categories and left the inheritance rule to work for lower level categories (see next chapter). Better yet, use "Category import" tools for importing custom categories structure. It would be much easier to specify all category information within CSV file at your desktop and then import the structure into Rapid Classified in one shot.

8.2.2 Transparency of Meta Tags, Title and Full Description

Transparency rule is quite simple. If Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description as well as Full description not specified for a 3-rd level category for instance, then inheritance engine tries to gather it from the parent subcategory first, then from parent main category and finally from Site Global properties specified in "Admin Preferences". Bottom line is that Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description for category list pages always filled with the highest possible relevant content.

Flowchart below illustrates the rules of inheritance.

8.2.3 Meta tags and Title for ads display pages

The Meta content for viewad.asp and view_print.asp pages build dynamically. Those pages used to display individual ads in full and print friendly format. The Title and Meta description content build using the subject of the ad. The meta keywords build as following: each word from the subject which is greater than 2 letter in length, plus "buy, sell" words. You may add common static keywords for all ads by modifying static_ads_keywords variable around line 370 in libraries.asp page. Separate additional words by a coma.
In addition, the category/subcategory names also displayed in the page title.

Tip: Educate your clients how to write a proper ad subject. Create a section on your main page and send newsletters explaining, that for the effective ad indexing by SE, the subject must by right to the points, relate to the ad content and must contain effective keywords. Using exclamations, promotional language would not really help to gain more visitors to the ad. Correctly formatted Subject - would!

8.2.4 Title and Meta Tags for custom static pages (Advanced ASP developers)

If you have created a custom page or wish to display some other Rapid Classified pages with specific Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords, you may modify a build-in function to do so.

  • First, make sure this page is not listed in robots.txt file.
  • Then open libraries.asp page and find Sub buildMeta(). This is a subroutine, which builds all Meta and Titles for dynamically generated pages.
  • Create a new Case in Select Case scr_Name statement like:

    Case "pagename.asp"
    result_meta_description = "Description for your page"
    result_meta_keywords = "Keywords, for, your, page"
    result_web_name = "Title for your page"

  • Save libraries.asp

pagename.asp would now display specified properties in <head> section at the page.


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