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 Chapter - 7.5 Posting Ads in Pay Mode

7.5.1 Credits Mode

While classified is in Pay Mode, clients directed to credits evaluation and payment page when click "Post Ad" and selected appropriate category. This page dynamically builds payment options you have configured in "Payment System Configuration". When clients select options, the total price dynamically displayed at the bottom of the page and compared to the amount of credits user have available at the account. Access to the next page, where clients start submission process is granted only if the total price is less or equal to the client's credit level.Depending on a selected category, the appropriate Price Scheme would be applied.

The only way to get to the next page is through "Continue to the Next Screen" button. The button is unavailable until clients have sufficient credits for the type of ad they are trying to submit. Even if clients know the URL to the next page and try to navigate manually, they would be directed right back to the payment page. There is a short instruction for the client and PayPal purchase button at the very top of the page, where they can initiate credits purchase. While clients select options and given that they do not have sufficient credit level, the difference between total price and available credits automatically pasted into the purchase amount box so they can buy enough credits.

The amount displayed in the box is always equal or higher than the minimum purchase level you have selected in "Payment System Configuration". If for instance, you have selected the minimum level at $1.00 and difference between total price and available credits is $0.45, then $1.00 would be displayed in the box. Moreover client would get an error prompt if try to purchase credits for the amount of less than $1.00.

Purchasing Credits procedure described in the next chapter. For now, assume that clients have sufficient credits to post ad. Clicking the "Continue to the Next Screen" button would bring them to the familiar from Free Mode page for selecting images to upload. The difference is, that the number of allowed images reflects the option, which client selected at the Payment page. If client selected not to have images, then this page would be skipped at all and client would be directed to the ad submission page.

7.5.2 Package Mode

Ads posting procedure is quite simple in Package Mode and similar to Free Mode. Once clients purchase a package, they can post ad according to the package specification. No ads duration or images limit can be changed by a client. The only choice client might have is to select What's Hot category if it is enabled within the package. When package expired, client cannot post ads no more unless you configured "Free Post" categories.

Note: In addition to the direct package, purchase via selected merchant, package could be purchased with credits. While button Purchase with credits clicked, client directed to a page where current credits level is evaluated.

If client has enough credits on an account to cover selected package price, then client clicks Purchase button and the package immediately applied to the client's account and respective amount of credits deducted from client's account.

If client does not have enough credits to cover the package price, then credits purchase form would be displayed. From here client may purchase any amount of credits to cover the package price or amount which would cover the current and a future package purchases, when purchased package expires. After credits have been purchased and the amount is posted to the client's account, client returns to the package acquire page and purchases the package with credits.

You can manually assign a package to any user individually or assign a package to ALL users at once. To assign package individually, find client record in "User Manage", under Credits/Package column click "details", select appropriate package and click "Go". If you check "Hold" before saving changes, then the package duration would start with the first user logon to the system. If you did not check "Hold", then the package duration starts immediately. To assign a package globally to all users, go to Global Management page, select an appropriate package and click "Apply Package". As with individual package assignment, the "Hold" check box controls the package start date (right away or with first user logon).

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