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 Chapter - 7.2 Configuration (Credits Mode)
Credits Mode Configuration
To switch the board to Credits Pay Mode:
  1. Logon to Admin page
  2. Open "Admin Preferences"
  3. Check "Collect fees for ad Posting"
  4. Select Credits Mode
  5. Save configuration

Regardless of the payment mode you selected, the Payment processor configuration is done via Payment Processor and ads Durations page.

Start configuring a "default" price scheme. The scheme consists of 4 categories, which can be configured independently and 2 levels of credits.

  1. The most top category contain only one product which is a "Base Price for 10 days ad". This will be the list expensive product upon which the final price would be based given that user selected additional ad posting options. Write down in the box the base price.
    Note: It is desirable, that you put down all prices with 2 decimals even for round numbers i.e. 2.35, 1.00, etc...
    You may enter 0.00 for the base price and have users to post the basic ad for free and then have them pay for additional options you configure below.
    Note: All additional category prices would automatically be added to the "Base Price for 10 days ad" which you just configured.
  2. The next price category is additional fees for an "Extra Ad Duration". There are 4 products here. Additional fees for 20, 30, 45 and 60 days of ad duration. Configure the scheme at you will. Again you may leave 0.00 to have the appropriate option to be free. You may change the duration scheme by assigning appropriate number of days in the text field in place of default values. You can select 0 duration, to exclude current selection from the option list during ad post process. Note: If you exclude an option, make sure the following by options are excluded as well. In other words start excluding from the last option and up. Do not leave excluded option in between those you have assigned a valid duration. Do not leave duration field blank either.
  3. Ad duration is followed by an "Image Attachment Price". There are 10 images can be attached to each ad. Accordingly you may charge for each additional image attached to the ad. Again variety of choices. Have first image attachment for free for instance and charge for each additional. It is completely up to you. To set the image field to be free, assign value of 00.00 to the corresponding field. If you specified a price 0.00 for any of the image option, this option will be omitted from the selection while client is posting ads.
  4. The last category in a price scheme is a single charge for ad participation in "What's Hot" list. This is featured ads list and regardless of category posted all ads participated can be instantly viewed by clicking on What's Hot link from the top navigation bar. The ads listed here have a bit more attractive appearance and have the icon, when viewed in regular category list.
    Note: What's Hot list is only available in Pay Mode, because in a free mode everyone would post their ads there.
    For the reason above you should definitely charge for this option.
  5. To attract users you may give some credits for initial sign up. Enter the appropriate amount at "Give NEW users a credit for" box. Every new user will get this credit at sign up time and may use it to post some free ads depending on the credits level you gave them.
  6. Occasionally you may wish to run a Discount campaign. Select a discount percentage at "Run Discount Campaign" drop-down box. The discount would be deducted from the final price for any new ad posting from that moment on.
  7. Finally you need to enter the minimum amount which can be paid via merchant. I can speak for US $ here. PayPal charge 3% + 30 cents per transaction. Therefore if user pays you 50 cents you would actually get around 15 cents. And if theoretically someone is making 10 payments of 50 cents, they would get $5.00 on the account, but you will only get $1.50. The optimal minimum payment should be around $1.00.

The final price for the ad would now be calculated as following: Base Price for 10 days ad + Extra Ad Duration Charge + Image Attachment Price - Discount Campaign Percentage.

This concludes a "default" scheme configuration. The "default" scheme is linked to ALL categories by default. But what if you want to have a different price scheme/options for each category on your board? Well, you can create an unlimited number of pricing schemes and then link them to appropriate categories. The board comes with 3 preset pricing schemes (beside the default), which you can modify/delete as well as create new schemes. Click Custom Scheme at the top of the payment configuration page. You can select different schemes from the "Selected Payment Scheme" drop-down selector. Create/Configure as many schemes as you'd like at this page the same way you configured a "default" scheme.
Note: The default scheme cannot be deleted.

You can lock any category while configuring Custom Schemes. Only Moderator can post in locked category while it linked to that category.

Linking Schemes to Categories

Once finished with schemes configuration, you may start linking them to categories. Click the Link to Categories and begin linking schemes. Select appropriate category, scheme and click "Create Link". All lower level categories under the category you linked the scheme to, would automatically inherit this scheme.

Note: Schemes can be individually linked to any category at any level, but because of the inheritance you should start from the top category level and go down while linking. Example:

Category tree: Business>New Business>Marketing. You would like the "Business" (main category and all subcategories under it) to have the "Business" scheme linked to. But at the same time you would like the "Marketing" (3-rd level category) to be an exception and to retain the "default" scheme. First, link the "Business" scheme to "Business" category. And then link the "default" scheme to "Marketing".

Clients would get a "Business" scheme while posting to "Business" category and all it's subcategories... except "Marketing", for which clients would be presented a "default" scheme.

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