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 Chapter - 7.1 Overview

There are 2 pay modes are available to select from. "Credits Mode" and "Package Mode". Once the board is switch into the Pay Mode (Admin Preferences), users either must purchase "Credits" before they can post ads or purchase a "Package". Two pay modes are independent. This mean you have to decide which mode is the most appropriate for your type of business.

Credits are the absolute money equivalent units, which can represent any currency you have selected to accept. Board can be configured to accept only one type of currency at a time. Meaning if you selected British Pounds in PayPal configuration, then no other currency will be accepted by the board. One credit will be equal to 1 GBP in this case. If you selected US Dollars then 1 credit will be equal to 1 Dollar, etc... Utilizing PayPal IPN notification system application automatically post purchased amount of credits to user accounts. Those credits are available to be spent by user for posting ads right away.

Package is practically highly customizable clients membership. Once the package is purchased, clients can post ads according to the package specification: number of ads, number of attached images, ads duration until the package is expired. To continue ads posting after package expiration, client needs to extend the membership by purchasing another package and so on. Note: Packages cannot be combined or accumulated.

You would need to have at least a Business PayPal account to be able to accept credit cards. If you do not have PayPal account yet, go to
If you use Moneybookers, then you need to send a request to Moneybookers support and have your account promoted to merchant status
For 2checkout open and account at:

If you have different payment processor on you site, or willing to get merchant account other than PayPal, Moneybookers or 2checkout, then you would need to make sure your merchant has a secure "post-back" notification system in place. Plus, scripts has to be written to integrate this system into Rapid Classified Board. There Integration Guide is available HERE.

Note: Successful operation of the Rapid Classified Board in Pay Mode highly depends on 3-rd party payment processor providers (PayPal, Moneybookers, 2checkout). I cannot guaranty, that the mentioned merchants in the future would not change conditions, service methods, notification systems which might affect one way or another payment automations on the Board. I will try however to update application in an event of such changes which might affect the performance or features of the Rapid Classified Board.

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