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 Chapter - 5.10 Side/Portal Bars, Main Page

Site Geometry

  • Navigate to "Side Bars Content & Geometry" page off the main Admin Page.
  • Select the overall width of the site in px. as well as the site horizontal orientation.

Displaying Portal Bars Content

By default portal displayed only at the default.asp page. To enable portal for ALL other pages (except Admin and a few other pages) check "Show Portal on All pages" box and save changes on "Side Bars Content & Geometry" page. In addition, you can hide Left/Right portal sides individually by modifying "Show Left Portal Bar" and "Show Right Portal Bar" check boxes status. Combining this feature with Side Bars advertising (see below), you can have a variety of different appearances for your board.

Portal Bars Content customized via Main Page Configuration page; the reference for custom portal content rendered within the page itself.

Note: To save space needed for some extensive Admin pages content, the portal not displayed on any of the administrative pages and some other pages such asAd post page and Slide Show page.

Displaying Left/Right Side bars

To display Left and/or Right Side Bars, check the box next to Left Bar Content or Right Bar Content. You can configure up to 5 boxes to appear at each side of your classified. You can effectively control the overall width (in px.) of a left and right side bar by changing value in an individual left/right drop-down selector.

To enable and fill the content for individual boxes on each side do the following:

  • Decide how many boxes on each side you would like to display.
  • Go to Content Management page.
  • Edit respective Side Bars Advert. Pages templates (left_advert1-5, right_advert1-5) and fill necessary content.
  • Navigate to Side Bars Content & Geometry page.
  • Type the box Content Head Title, desired box height and click Preview for each box you create the content for at Content Management page.
  • If you like the appearance, then click Save changes button. New content appears on the side at all classified pages.
  • To disable the box, click Clear next to respective box and then Save changes button.
  • Trim the height if necessary until the page is completely visible within frame.
  • Click "Save Changes" to replicate the advertisement to the entire board.

Main Page Center

The main (default)page center column content rendered via "Main_Page_Center" template, which can be edited at "Content Management" page. There is also an alternative Main page content template is available called "Alternative_Main_Page". This page can substitute the "Main_Page_Center". The main difference between those two is as following:

Main_Page_Center - is a database driven template. Since content of this template is stored in database and pulled during ASP code execution, the template itself cannot store any ASP code. Meaning you may not customize it to include ASP server side code. HTML and javascript code can sure be used to amend template content.

Alternative_Main_Page - is a "Custom Inclusive Page" template. Since the content of this template is stored in an ASP file, this template may have ASP code included if necessary.

To replace Main_Page_Center with Alternative_Main_Page do the following:

  • Open default.asp page in a text editor
  • Delete this line: Response.Write Build_RSS(strbody)
  • Add following line:
    <!--#include file="content/Alternative_Main_Page.asp"-->
    <!-- Start Main Bounding Box Bottom. Do Not Modify-->
  • Save default.asp and upload to site location.

If you need to retain the content of the Main_Page_Center template but make this template an ASP page, which supports an ASP code, then do the following:

  • Create a new "Custom Inclusive Page" template. Name it New_Main_Page for instance
  • Copy and paste the content of Main_Page_Center template into New_Main_Page template
  • Open default.asp page in a text editor
  • Delete this line: Response.Write Build_RSS(strbody)
  • Add following line:
    <!--#include file="content/New_Main_Page.asp"-->
    <!-- Start Main Bounding Box Bottom. Do Not Modify-->
  • Save default.asp and upload to site.

For more information about inserting "Custom Inclusive Page" templates, see this article:

Below main page content, there are few blocks of ads content such as Top Hot list, New Ads, and Editor's pick (do not confuse this reference with content within portal boxes).

Each one of three "top" content lists could be switched on and off. Open Main Page Configuration admin page. At the Top Content Configuration section, make necessary changes to configurations and click Save Top Content Configuration.

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