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 Chapter - 6.4 Miscellaneous Operations

6.4.1 Editor's Pick

Administrator could select a specific ad and include it into a special category - Editor's Pick. To include ad into this category, logon as admin, then go to full ad view page and click "Add to Editor's Pick". The list of picked ads displayed at Editor's Pick List admin page. The list could be presented at portal bars by assigning to one of the portal boxes in Main Page Configuration, or at the default.asp page (enabled by default).

6.4.2 Email Alerts

Your clients are able to create an Email Alert Agent. Each client has an option to create from 1 to 5 Email Alerts. This number controlled by the settings in "Admin Preferences". "Alert Agent" is a set of search criteria, which compared with all new ads posted on your classified. Ads content evaluated while as submitted in non-moderated mode or during ad activation by an administrator in moderated mode. Email Alerts gathered during the day sent to appropriate clients after midnight in a following day. Alerts triggered by an ad expiration scheduler. Once all ads due to expire on a given day are taken offline, the Email Alert agent kicks in. As with ad expiration, the Email Alerts sent one at a time while new visitors hit the default page.

6.4.3 Hits Log

The visitors log accessed from admin tasks page by clicking "Visits Log". Session Cookies used to count visitors, who hit the default page. Each visitor counted only once per session. In addition to count, hit Date/Time, IP address of the visitor and the Referrer page are also recorded. Based on the Date information, Counter automatically calculates number of visitors today, in the past 7 days and past 30 days.

The Statistics log is self-maintained. Visits, which are older than 1 month, removed from the list. This does not affect main counter, because it does record visits separately from the statistics data.

Furthermore, you can reset statistics data and/or counter manually and configure classified whether to count or discard your own visits.

6.4.4 Events Log

Events log (if enabled in Admin Preferences) would record activities on your classified. You can view events by navigating to Events Log. Events could be configured at the Events Configuration page. You can enable/disable recording of certain evens here. There are 5 custom events you can enable. However, no custom event would be recorded until you actually create an event recording procedure. To create additional-custom events you'd need to have some ASP skills.

Creating Custom Events

Although most of the important events are already preset and can just be turned on/off, there might be a specific procedure, which you'd like to record. It is relatively easy. First, you need to find a procedure within the code for which you'd like to record an event. You may even create conditional statements for the events recording.
Then call event recording procedure as following:

If isEvents then Call logEvent("Custom1", "This event occur", Empty, Empty, Empty, Empty)

This would record event as Custom1. For additional events, use "Custom2-5" as first argument. The second argument is an event recording text, which would appear within the events log, as this event is record.

6.4..5 Turning Numbers

Turning Numbers, if enabled in Admin Preferences would force a client to enter 6 digit number from a generated image when creating an account or posting ads. This is a security feature, which prevents automated accounts and ads submissions. Depending on which Image resize component selected in Admin Preferences, the turning number (CAPTCHA) image might look differently. In addition, the voice file in MP3 format generated for vision impaired visitors.

6.4.6 Secure Logon

Secure logon would beef up a security during user/admin logon. It would prevent sending a clear password over the internet. The password mixed with a unique string sent by a server during logon, then encrypted at the client computer and submitted to the server.

Note: The secure logon might not work if password created with characters other than Latin. If you are running classified with one of the non-Latin languages, then notify your clients to create password in English only or turn this feature off. The same is true for admin ID and Password.

6.4.7 News Letters

You may send newsletters to all users who selected to be included into an email list (during registration). From News Letters admin page select a newsletter template (for newsletter templates see chapter 5.3). The template sent in a regular text or HTML format (for emailing in HTML format check Send in HTML Format box). Make sure HTML code of the template well formatted and does not contain errors. Recommendation: send a test mail to your admin notification account before distributing newsletter. Click Test Mail button for the test email.

After verifying that the test newsletter arrived well formatted, you may begin distribution.

The total number of current recipients displayed at the bottom of the page (Total Signed for News List). Newsletter distributed by partitioning the entire distribution list into chunks of 500 users by default. If the Total Signed is greater than 500, then you need to send Newsletter by clicking Emial NewsLetter button repeatedly until the number displayed next to NewsLetter was Sent to is equal to Total Signed. In other words clicking Emial NewsLetter button would distribute News letter to 500 users at a time.

Depending on server load, connection speed, SMTP server configuration at your host, sending newsletter even to 500 clients at a time may take a while. Wait for the message about successful end of operation until hitting the button again!

To send another newsletter, you would need to reset the flag for all user account. To do so, click the Reset Sent Flag link.

The newsletter distribution could take a long time. Generally, the server would display Timeout Error after predetermined script execution time has passed. Although the admin_news.asp page has set the script timeout enough to send 500 messages at a time, some web servers may be configured NOT to accept any timeout values set with the script and use fixed timeout, which cannot be overridden by a script. If you received the timeout error from the server, then note how many emails was sent before timeout occur by looking at the number next to NewsLetter was Sent to.

Default partition value of 500 could be changed at the Misc. Configurations admin page (see chapter 1.2.

Note: If you receive a server timeout error while sending newsletter, do NOT try to refresh the page. This would result in sending a new partition. Hit Back button within your browser until you get to the admin task page and load News Letter page from there freshly.


6.4.8 Moving Ads

Generally, it is a good idea to carefully consider and plan classified structure, so that there is no need to move ads between categories. However, if you must, then ads may be moved globally between subcategories. Following rules and guidelines apply for moving ads.

  • Ads could be moved between subcategories and/or 3-rd level categories.
  • Moving between subcategory and 3-rd level and vice versa allowed.
  • Only one subcategory/3-rd level category ads could be processed at a time.

· Do not move ads from one category to another if the destination category has set of options, which are different from the source category. Else, the ad may display inadequate options posted under the source category, which might not correspond the options at the destination category. Example: the 1-st opt. for source category is the [price] and at destination category is the [color]. If moved, the ad would present the item price under the color column.

· Avoid moving over a few thousands of ads. There is no guaranty it would be successfully processed without a script timeout. ALWAYS back the database before proceeding with ads move.

By default, the ads mover tool disabled. To enable it, go to Global Account Management page and click Move Ads button. The tool would be active until you logged out.

Ads moved from category list pages specifically from viewlist.asp - subcategory list page and viewsublist.asp - 3-rd level category pages.

Navigate to the subcategory list page, which you would like to move and click the Move Ads From This Category link. You would be returned to the same page but now you would have 3 links. Three links displayed whenever you navigate to any subcategory ads list page. By clicking View Current Source Category you would be returned to the original source list page which you selected to move. While on any other list page, by clicking Make This Category the Source you would effectively change the source subcategory to the currently selected. The last link is the actual ads mover link. To move ads from the source to the destination, navigate to the destination Subcategory/3-rd Level list page and click Move Ads to this Category. You would be prompted with the last chance to bail out. After clicking OK, ads would be moved from the source to destination category.

At this point, the Ads Mover resets the settings and presents a single link for source category selection for the next move.

Note: If you have 3-rd Level categories under the source subcategory and some ads belong directly to 3-rd level, then in order to completely move ads under given subcategory you would need to move individually EACH 3-rd level category (in addition to moving ads from under subcategory).



Similar to Moving ads tool, the Remove Ads button at Global Account Management page would enable Remover tool. After enabled, the ads remover link would appear at viewlist.asp - subcategory list page and viewsublist.asp - 3-rd level category pages. By clicking this link, ads from respective subcategory/3-rd level category would be permanently removed. Attached to the ad images would be also deleted from cl_upload folder permanently.

There are 2 Clean Sweep buttons at Global Account Management page. Those are extremely powerful functions and respectively erase ALL Ads and All ads + User Account. Attached images are not removed from cl_upload folder and should be manually deleted after using remover tool.
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